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ESFJ Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

ESFJs are outgoing and reliable individuals for whom an essential thing in the relationship is that their partner is methodical and a good communicator.

As ESFJs are extremely outgoing and compassionate individuals, the ESFJ compatibility is generally good with all personality types, but the best match for ESFJ is ISFJ in addition to another ESFJ.

ESFJ Compatibility Chart

Best MatchESFJ94%
Good MatchINFJ74%
Bad MatchENFP42%
Worse MatchISTP19%

Best Match for ESFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ESFJ are ISFJs, ESTJs, INFJs and other ESFJs. (1)

ESFJs probably already know that they are one of the most popular personality types around. But that there are certain personality types that are a perfect match for them.

People with the ESFJ personality are consistent, stable and always focused on the things right in front of them. They want their partners to be focused and orderly too.

This is why the people ESFJs are most compatible with and have the best compatibility with are all methodical and focused on what they can sense.

ESFJ and ESFJ Relationship

ESFJ-ESFJ Compatibility: 94%

ESFJs are warm, generous and often very loyal to their partners, but they also demand the same level of commitment in return.

ESFJ wants to ensure that they are giving as much love as they are receiving. An ESFJ is most compatible with another ESFJ because they are sure their efforts will be replicated.

They are known for being great friends and want to be loved by everyone around them. These individuals are over-protective and will go to any length for their partner.

ESFJ and ISFJ Relationship

ESFJ-ISFJ Compatibility: 79%

ESFJs are outgoing and warm-hearted people with a desire to make others happy. They enjoy sharing the things they have and working hard for those who are important to them. 

ISFJs are similar in that they are loyal and devoted to what is important to them. They take care of their family members and work hard to ensure their needs are met. 

ISFJs are the perfect partner for ESFJs as they are both compassionate, reliable and attentive to details but the difference is that ESFJs are a bit outgoing while ISFJs are reserved people.

ESFJ and ESTJ Relationship

ESFJ-ESTJ Compatibility: 77%

The relationship between an ESFJ and an ESTJ can be a very rewarding one as both personality types are known for their loyalty, practicality, and hard work. This is why ESTJs make for a perfect ESFJ romantic match.

ESTJs are one of the if not the ESFJ ideal match as they are very supportive of each other, which can help to create a strong and lasting bond.

ESTJs are known for being very strict and demanding, while ESFJs tend to be more gentle-natured. This makes the relationship balanced and makes ESTJs potential ESFJ soulmates.

ESFJ and INFJ Relationship

ESFJ-INFJ Compatibility: 74%

The ESFJ and INFJ relationship is a unique one. These two are the best match for a romantic relationship as they are both caring, nurturing and they are often drawn to each other because of this. 

The second trait common to these two are that they both appreciate order and have the will to consistently work on a particular task.

But the qualities that distinguish them are that INFJs are extremely reserved individuals who have strong instincts whereas ESFJs are outgoing and rely on their senses.

Good Match for ESFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ESFJs are ISTJs, ENFJs, ISFPs, and ENTJs. (1)

An ESFJ is a stickler for tradition and what they are used to so they are always looking for a partner who shares their values and their love of tradition.

These personality types known to have good compatibility with ESFJs differ a lot in their traits and qualities but the only thing common to all of them are that they always have a plan and are organized.

ESFJ and ISTJ Relationship

ESFJ-ISTJ Compatibility: 71%

ISTJs make it to the list of top ESFJ matches so we will explore the dynamics of this unique pairing, and see what each type can bring to the table.

Since both personality types are SJs (Sensing-Judging), they value tradition, consistency and commitment . Both are more focused on the present than the future and prefer to live in the moment.

The contrasting traits that these two possess are that ESFJs are outgoing and emotionally expressive people while ISTJs are introverted and entirely logic oriented.

ESFJ and ENFJ Relationship

ESFJ-ENFJ Compatibility: 64%

These two personality types share a lot of similarities, which can make them very compatible with each other. They are both caring and giving, and they both have a strong desire to make the people around them happy.

ENFJs are not the best personality type for ESFJ because both of them are so focused on others, they may sometimes neglect their own needs.

Conflicts may arise in this relationship due to the reason that ESFJs are detail oriented and  focused on the present but ENFJs are a little too laidback and future oriented.

ESFJ and ISFP Relationship

ESFJ-ISFP Compatibility: 57%

Both ESFJs and ISFPs are people-oriented and value close, personal relationships. They are both warm, caring, and interested in making things work well for everyone involved.

The points of conflict in this relationship are that ESFJs are social creatures who value routine whereas ISFPs are spontaneous in nature and prefer keeping to themselves.

ISFPs are the best match for ESFJ males but ESFJs need to work on setting healthy boundaries for themselves and not becoming too involved in every aspect of their partner’s life.

ESFJ and ENTJ Relationship

ESFJ-ENTJ Compatibility: 53%

ESFJ are very warm and gentle people who are always looking to help others and make sure that everyone is happy. They pay greater emphasis on concrete data than on their gut or instincts.

ENTJs are very logical and analytical thinkers who are always looking for ways to improve and make things more efficient. The quality that distinguishes them is that they rely heavily on their instincts.

While these two personality types may seem like they would clash, ENTJs are an ESFJ relationship match if they are able to find the right balance together.

Bad Match for ESFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ESFJs are ENFPs, ESFPs, ESTPs, INTJs, and ENTPs. (1) 

ESFJs are always wondering what kind of person they are compatible with. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good match for an ESFJ. 

Since people with the ESFJ personality love planning everything beforehand and sticking to it, the ESFJ personality type compatibility is low with people who are impulsive and inconsistent.

Almost all the personality types on this list having weak compatibility with ESFJs have one thing is common that is they are all too hasty for them.

ESFJ and ENFP Relationship

ESFJ-ENFP Compatibility: 42%

ESFJs and ENFPs are two personality types that tend to be drawn to each other as they are both outgoing and enjoy spending time with people. They are also both very passionate about their beliefs and values.

However, there can be some challenges in a relationship between these two types. ESFJs tend to be more traditional and conservative, while ENFPs are more liberal and progressive. 

The ESFJ compatibility is bad with ENFPs because this can lead to conflict. But if both partners are willing to compromise and work on it, this relationship can prove to be a fulfilling one.

ESFJ and ESFP Relationship

ESFJ-ESFP Compatibility: 40%

Both types are highly attuned to the needs of others and are eager to please. ESFPs are the best match for ESFJ females as these two are able to work together harmoniously to get things done. 

However, there can also be a downside to this relationship, as both types can become overly reliant on each other and may have difficulty asserting their own needs.

ESFPs are not the best partners for ESFJ because they may feel neglected by their partners, who may seem more interested in newness and exploring than keeping things stable.

ESFJ and ESTP Relationship

ESFJ-ESTP Compatibility: 37%

Both personality types are known for their outgoing, energetic personalities and their ability to work well together.

ESTP is often the more spontaneous of the two, while the ESFJ is more likely to plan and organize their activities. This can be a great complement to each other, as the ESTP can help the ESFJ to loosen up and enjoy life more, while ESFJs do the future planning.

ESTPs are definitely not the ESFJ best match because ESTPs may sometimes be too objective and analytical for the sensitive ESTPs.

ESFJ and INTJ Relationship

ESFJ-INTJ Compatibility: 32%

INTJs are not highly compatible with ESFJs as both types are very different, but they can learn a lot from each other. The key is to understand and appreciate each other’s differences.

ESFJs are people-oriented individuals who make decisions with their hearts. They are outgoing and social, but they also value harmony in all relationships. 

The INTJ is a conceptual thinker who wants to understand the world around them. They look at the big picture and like to come up with long term solutions to problems

ESFJ and ENTP Relationship

ESFJ-ENTP Compatibility: 32%

Both these personality types are people oriented and enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas with others.

ENTPs are rational, rely on their instincts and love to learn new things and explore different ideas. They are constantly exploring possibilities and want nothing more than to experience everything life has to offer.

ESFJs on the other hand are compassionate and organized people who are focused on what is in front of them. These differences may cause challenges and hamper the relationship.

Worst Match for ESFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ESFJs are ISTPs, INFPs, and INTPs. (1)

While it is true that opposites attract, this does not mean you should go out looking for someone who is the complete opposite of you. 

ESFJs need to find someone who has some of your same interests as well as values as this will ensure a healthy relationship that can last for years to come.

The traits common to all of these types ESFJs are least compatible with is that they are all spontaneous introverts while ESFJs are organized extroverts.

ESFJ and ISTP Relationship

ESFJ-ISTP Compatibility: 19%

ESFJ and ISTP relationships can be difficult to navigate because of the differences in their tendencies and how these two personality types approach life. 

ESFJs are typically very warm, nurturing and outgoing, while ISTPs are more independent, spontaneous, rely purely on logic and do not let emotions influence them.

However, these differences can also be complementary, and with effort and understanding, these two types can find a lot of common ground and make this taxing relationship work.

ESFJ and INFP Relationship

ESFJ-INFP Compatibility: 17%

The ESFJ personality compatibility is weak with INFPs as ESFJs are outgoing and social, while INFPs are introspective and private.

Although both of them are gentle in nature ESFJs can be too opinionated at times which would cause problems in the relationship as INFPs are tolerant and open minded.

Another point of conflict is that INFPs tend to be spontaneous and free flowing souls whereas ESFJs stick to tradition and what they are generally used to.

ESFJ and INTP Relationship

ESFJ-INTP Compatibility: 5%

ESFJ is a communicator who likes to express their feelings and share their thoughts. They want their partner to know how they feel and what they are thinking.

INTP is a thinker who likes to analyze, explore ideas and want their partner to understand how they think and why they do what they do.

ESFJs tend to have the worst compatibility with INTPs which and they are probably the ESFJ worst match as these two types are very different in how they communicate. This does not mean they should lose hope as they share a common goal: to understand and be understood.


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