7 Major ENTJ Strengths & How to Maximize Them (2024)

Being aware of your strengths will guide you to what you should be doing in your life and also help you find a career that is right for you and will help you grow in that field.

Some of the ENTJ strengths have already been mentioned but two of their most prominent strengths are their efficiency and enthusiasm.

ENTJ Strengths

1. Efficient

People with the ENTJ personality are well organized, focused and efficient individuals because they often have a strong desire to succeed and do well in life.

Since they have a preference of the Thinking (T) trait over the feeling counterpart, they tend to be rational in their approach which is always efficient.

ENTJs need to be efficient because they have so many things on their to-do list such as working on multiple projects, meeting new people and indulging in various ventures.

How to Maximize it

  • Being efficient is an ENTJ positive trait which can be maximized by avoiding distractions, keeping a one track mind and not losing focus.
  • Even though they are able to handle multiple projects, they should stick to one at a time if they want to perform with the highest efficiency.
  • ENTJs should set goals for themselves, prioritize their work, make a plan for the day and continue working according to it.

2. Enthusiastic

ENTJs are enthusiastic and energetic in their approach to life and do not take up a task or project just for the sake of completing it

They tend to involve themselves in the projects or things they are interested in and are always full of enthusiasm during the course of completion of that project.

People with the ENTJ personality are not just energized themselves but their energy is so infectious that they motivate others around them to be enthusiastic about the same thing.

How to Maximize it

  • The most important thing to do is to stay positive and think about all the good things that could happen.
  • Enthusiasm is a good personality trait to have and it can be maximized by being  confident in their abilities and starting with a positive attitude.
  • The easiest way to always be enthusiastic is to do what you love doing, or at least enjoy doing it and never do any task half heartedly.

3. Charismatic

ENTJs are charismatic, ambitious and confident individuals who carry themselves very well and possess the ability to express themselves precisely.

They are confident in their abilities, do not shy away from the spotlight, perform excellently in stressful situations and are able to influence people around them.

An ENTJ skill is that they project an air of confidence and in a group of coworkers, they naturally come out and use their charm to lead them to a common goal.

How to Maximize it

  • This ENTJ quiet strength  can be boosted by being aware of your body language and speaking clearly in a calm tone of voice.
  • To maximize their charisma, ENTJs should listen respectfully to others, smile often when appropriate and use humor fittingly when talking with others.
  • The charisma and confidence allows ENTJ to flourish in careers that involve a lot of interaction like acting, hosting and even as a salesperson.

4. Strong willed

The greatest strength of an ENTJ is that they are driven by a desire to accomplish something great and the motivation that only hard work can make that happen keeps them going when life gets tough.

They are not just decisive or strong willed themselves but they are also great at marshaling resources and getting people to buy into their vision.

ENTJs are also assertive, decisive, enjoy taking charge of a situation and have a knack for persuading others to act.

How to Maximize it

  • They have to keep going even when things get tough, because if they give up, then their will is gone too.
  • To strengthen their will, ENTJs need to figure out what is stopping them from achieving their goal, and then finding a way around that obstacle.
  • This ENTJ strength can be utilized very well if they go for a career in operations or management where a strong will is essential to get things going.

5. Strategic

ENTJs are always looking for ways to improve the process and are also very good at analyzing data and making decisions based on that data.

Strategic thinking is an ENTJ personality strength which makes them good at seeing the big picture and making plans that help in achieving the objectives.

The strength of an ENTJ personality to naturally lead and make important decisions can be credited to the fact that they are the most dominant of all the personality types.

How to Maximize it

  • To maximize this ENTJ talent, they need to be patient because It is not something that will work out overnight, but it is worth the wait.
  • Documenting your progress can help you stay on track and make sure that you are following the strategy and making progress.
  • This positive trait can also turn out to be an ENTJ strength in relationships because they can help their partners plan and execute their long-term goals.

6. Leadership

Leadership is an ENTJ core strength and people with the ENTJ personality realize their full potential in positions of authority.

ENTJ thrives on challenges, are known for their organizational skills and their ability to get things done quickly and efficiently.

They are great at expressing their ideas, engaging with the team and inspiring or motivating them to give their best.

ENTJ gifts include their strong will, persuasive skills and strategic mind which are all essential qualities required to be a good leader.

How to Maximize it

  • To be a good leader, ENTJs need to be able to make tough calls quickly while still considering all of the different perspectives involved in the decision making process.
  • They should also be self-aware so that they know how their message and opinions are coming across to others
  • They are often drawn to careers in business, law, or politics, where they can inspire others and use this ENTJ superpower to make a difference.

7. Self Expression

People with the ENTJ personality are great at expressing their ideas or thoughts  and making sure that everyone is on the same page.

They use their strong communication skills to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

ENTJ talents also include the ability to interpret what other people want in order to make them happy as they are extraverted intuitive (EN) types who enjoy learning about other people’s desires, thoughts, and feelings.

How to Maximize it

  • ENTJs can excel in the art of expressing themselves only if they listen carefully, are aware of their surroundings and thoughts.
  • To maximize this personality strength, alongwith their oratory skills they need to pay attention to their body language and also be mindful of their tone.
  • They should go for a career that allows them to use this ENTJ strength at work, such as teaching, public speaking or speech writing.


What is ENTJs strongest function?

The strongest or the dominant ENTJ function is Extraverted Thinking (Te) which is the reason why they love to work on measurable goals in an efficient manner.

What makes ENTJs special?

ENTJs are natural leaders who are always looking for ways to improve and the positive personality trait that makes them special is the ability to take charge and get things done.

What is the best trait ENTJs have?

The best trait that ENTJs have is that they are usually excellent communicators and have the ability to express their emotions and ideas very well.

What are ENTJs naturally good at?

The natural strength of ENTJs is strategic planning and they are also good at networking, which can be extremely helpful in both their personal and professional lives.

What do ENTJs value the most?

The thought that gives energy to the ENTJs and they value the most is the desire to accomplish something great and leave their mark on the world.

What is attractive about ENTJs?

The positive characteristic that makes ENTJs attractive is their ability to take charge and lead as they are not content to sit back and let others do the work.

How smart are ENTJs?

ENTJs are some of the smartest people around because they have the special gift to see the world in a unique way and make connections that others would not think of.

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