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INTP Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

People of the INTP personality type are some of the most intellectual people of all personality types. They assess everything by merit or logic and enjoy exploring all the possible solutions to a given problem.

Since they are rational beings, INTP compatibility is highest with people of high intellect and those who offer them personal space. The best match for an INTP is INTJ, in addition to another INTP.

INTP Compatibility Chart

Best MatchINTP96%
Good MatchINFP84%
Bad MatchENTJ47%
Worse MatchESTJ22%

Best Match for INTP

According to The Personality Data Project, the best matches for INTPs are INTJs and other INTPs. (1)

Both INTPs and INTJs are two of the most logical thinkers of all the personality types, which is why they get along so well with the people of the INTP personality.

The reason why INTPs tend to have the best compatibility with these two personality types is that they are logic-oriented individuals who keep a closely-knit circle and trust their instincts over concrete data.

INTP and INTP Relationship

INTP-INTP Compatibility: 96%

INTPs are known for their independent thinking and innovative ideas. They are also highly analytical and logical, and they have a great capacity for abstract thinking. These traits can make them very attractive to other INTPs.

An INTP is most compatible with other INTPs also because they tend to understand how their partner functions or behaves in certain situations.

An INTP ideal match is another INTP because they are independent thinkers who do not like being told what to do and if two INTPs are in a relationship, they can always count on each other for support and help when they need it most. 

INTP and INTJ Relationship

INTP-INTJ Compatibility: 89%

INTJs are INTP soulmates because these two personalities have a shared interest in exploring ideas and always looking for new ways to improve themselves and others. 

INTJs are the best partners for INTP due to the reason that they are both introspective personality types who have belief in their instincts.

For the INTP, this means having an intimate relationship with someone who is imaginative and up for spontaneous adventures. For the INTJ, it means sharing life experiences with someone who is committed and respects their way of thinking.

Good Match for INTP

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for INTPs are INFPs, ISTPs, ENTPs, ISTJs, and INFJs. (1)

As we have learned earlier, INTPs are introspective and logic oriented individuals who tend to get along well with other introverts who have an objective approach.

All the personalities in this list having good compatibility with INTPs are either reserved individuals who keep to themselves or objective thinkers who rely on logic.

These personality types might not be the best match for INTP on record, but they tend to make friends with them and build a long lasting relationship.

INTP and INFP Relationship

INTP-INFP Compatibility: 84%

Both these personality types are reserved, intuitive, and perceiving types. These two have a  lot of traits in common and this is the reason why INFPs are the perfect partners for INTP.

As they are both original and independent in their approach, they do not want their partners watching over their head at all times. INFPs make it to the list of top INTP matches as they never tell you what to do; instead they will offer their thoughts and suggestions as an alternative.

However, there are actually some significant differences that are worth taking into account. INTPs are analytical whereas INFPs give equal importance to the emotional aspect of the situation.

INTP and ISTP Relationship

INTP-ISTP Compatibility: 81%

INTPs are analytical and logical individuals who like to spend their time thinking about ideas rather than doing things whereas ISTPs are action-oriented individuals who prefer to spend their time doing things rather than talking about them. 

These two are the best match for a romantic relationship as their bond is full of understanding and cooperation. These two personality types are both introverted, thinking types who are likely to be interested in similar topics and activities. 

However, they can also complement each other well, with the INTP providing a more theoretical perspective and the ISTP a more practical one.

INTP and ENTP Relationship

INTP-ENTP Compatibility: 51%

The INTP personality compatibility is good with ENTPs as they both love to converse or discuss ideas, and there is a good chance that they will not ever run out of things to talk about. 

Both of them are spontaneous, factual and love adventures but ENTPs can sometimes be a little too social for their reserved INTP partner.

This can be both a positive and negative aspect of relationships because it means you will always have something new to explore with your partner – but at the same time, you might find yourself getting bored of the same subject being discussed over and over.

INTP and ISTJ Relationship

INTP-ISTJ Compatibility: 51%

ISTJs are an INTP romantic match as they are both introverted, thinking personalities who come together to form a relationship that is full of mutual understanding.

INTP is a logical, innovative thinker who enjoys solving problems and coming up with new ideas. They are focused on finding the truth through reason and logic.

ISTJ is also a logical thinker but they prefer structure, details and facts. They are realistic and practical rather than imaginative like people of the INTP personality.

ISTJs are an INTP relationship match as both types are shy individuals and prefer to stay home rather than be in the spotlight.

INTP and INFJ Relationship

INTP-INFJ Compatibility: 50%

INTPs tend to be quite intuitive and logical in their thinking. They are often described as objective and detached. This is because INTPs rely on their thinking function, rather than their feeling function.

On the other hand, INFJs are extremely compassionate and altruistic individuals who yearn to do something positive for the society and everyone around them.

As a result, INTPs may find themselves having trouble with understanding the emotions of their INFJ partner at times but with proper communication, INFJs have the potential to be an INTP love match.

Bad Match for INTP

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for INTPs are ENTJs, ISFPs, ESTPs, ESFPs, ISFJs, ENFPs, and ENFJs. (1)

These personality types may be able to spark an initial connection with INTPs but they will find it hard to prolong it and build a sustainable relationship.

People with the INTP personality are known to be extremely analytical and rational creatures who are reserved and prefer keeping to themselves.

The INTP compatibility is weak with these personality types due to the fact that they are either too outgoing, extroverted or they are not as intellectual as INTPs.

INTP and ENTJ Relationship

INTP-ENTJ Compatibility: 47%

INTPs will appreciate the ENTJ’s desire for order and control. They will also appreciate how direct the ENTJ is when they talk because it allows them to feel free to express themselves openly without fear of judgment from their partner. 

On the other hand, the ENTJ will appreciate how creative and imaginative the INTP is. They may find themselves inspired by their partner and want to support them in any way they can.

ENTJs might not be the top INTP match but they can make it work if they try to understand each other’s perspectives. Both partners need space to think and work on their own projects without judgment from their significant other.

INTP and ISFP Relationship

INTP-ISFP Compatibility: 43%

INTP and ISFP relationships can be difficult to navigate because of the differences in how these two personality types process information. However, with a little understanding and patience, these relationships can be very rewarding. 

INTPs are logical and analytical, while ISFPs are creative and emotional. This can create a dynamic where the INTP is always trying to figure out the ISFP, and the ISFP is always trying to figure out the INTP. 

ISFPs are not the ones INTPs are most compatible with but if both partners are willing to learn about their partner’s needs and methods of processing information, their relationship will be much more successful.

INTP and ESTP Relationship

INTP-ESTP Compatibility: 39%

INTP is a thinker who is always exploring new ideas and perspectives. They are constantly seeking to improve their understanding of the world and to find new ways to solve problems. 

ESTP is a doer who enjoys exploring new possibilities and experiences. They make an ideal partner for the INTP because they are willing to participate in the process of discovery alongside their partner.

ESTPs are probably the best match for INTP females and the fitting way for them to work together is through open dialogue. ESTP allows their partner to freely explore new ideas and ask questions without judgment. In turn, the INTP respects this freedom and does not try to control or judge their partner’s opinions. 

INTP and ESFP Relationship

INTP-ESFP Compatibility: 39%

The INTP and ESFP relationship is one that can offer a lot of growth and insight for both types as they are highly intelligent and independent individuals. However, where the INTP tends to be more introspective and reserved, the ESFP is more outgoing and social.

ESFPs tend to be more focused on their senses and give equal importance to emotions when it comes to making a decision whereas INTPs are instinctive and objective.

ESFPs are not highly compatible with INTPs because these differences create some tension between these two types at first. However, if they are able to learn from each other and become closer as a result of their differences then that’s all for the better.

INTP and ISFJ Relationship

INTP-ISFJ Compatibility: 38%

Both types are highly introspective and thoughtful, and they are often able to find common ground easily. However, there can be some challenges in this relationship, as both types tend to be quite independent and headstrong. 

INTPs are logical thinkers with a desire to explore new ideas and possibilities. They want to find out what works and why, always searching for the most efficient way of doing things.

ISFJs are practical people who enjoy doing the actual work involved in accomplishing a goal. They are dedicated and hard working and will not mind doing whatever it takes to help their partner succeed.

ISFJs are not the INTP best match which is why compromise and patience will be key to making this relationship work.

INTP and ENFP Relationship

INTP-ENFP Compatibility: 36%

INTPs are known for being inquisitive and creative while also being very logical and objective-minded. They are constantly searching for new ideas and opportunities to explore, while also enjoying debate and discussion with others at times. 

ENFPs are one of the most outgoing personality types. They enjoy being around people and are full of energy, always on the go and moving toward something new.

These two have weak compatibility and ENFPs are not the best personality type for INTPs but if these two are willing to put the work in they can make this relationship work.

INTP and ENFJ Relationship

INTP-ENFJ Compatibility: 35%

ENFJs are known for their warm, compassionate nature and they are often drawn to relationships where they can feel needed and appreciated. 

INTP is a thinker who tends to be logical and objective while ENFJ is a feeler who is passionate about helping others. INTPs are spontaneous and always up for impromptu adventures whereas ENFJs tend to be more organized and methodical.

INTPs can be a bit of a mystery as they can be notoriously difficult to read but if ENFJs can get past it, they are potentially the best match for INTP females.

Worst Match for INTP

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for INTPs are ESTJs and ESFJs. (1)

When it comes to relationships, there can often be a lot of tension between two people with very different personality types.

People of the INTP personality are reserved and instinctive individuals who are always up for new ventures and fresh experiences.

They have the worst compatibility and face problems in getting along with extreme extroverts or personality types that are too focused on their senses and inflexible in their approach.

INTP and ESTJ Relationship

INTP-ESTJ Compatibility: 22%

ESTJs are known for being organized and efficient people who like to set goals and follow through with them until they are completed. They are also very practical, because they believe that doing things efficiently is the best way to get the results you want.

INTPs are highly creative, logical and are always looking for new ways to solve problems, which means they have a lot of ideas floating around their brain. 

INTP are not interested in doing the same things everyday, they want variety and exploration. On the other hand ESTJs prefer sticking to a routine and following it rigorously with no amendments. This contrast in traits makes ESTJs one of the INTP worst matches.

INTP and ESFJ Relationship

INTP-ESFJ Compatibility: 5%

INTPs tend to view relationships as an opportunity to learn more about themselves and others. They are constantly analyzing their own thoughts and actions while also striving for self-improvement through various means.

ESFJs on the other hand are extroverted and caring individuals who strive to make everyone around them feel good. They are focused on the present and tend to stick to what they are used to.

INTPs are least compatible with ESFJs because they are polar opposites. The best way to start off on the right foot is to acknowledge these differences upfront and talk about your expectations of relationships and what you want out of them. 


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