ENFP Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

People with ENFP personalities are some of the most charming and cheerful people. They are enthusiastic and open-minded, and they look for the same qualities in their partner.

Their energy is infectious, which is why the ENFP compatibility is really good with mostly all the personality types, but the best match for ENFP is ESFP in addition to another ENFP.

ENFP Compatibility Chart

Best MatchENFP97%
Good MatchENTP85%
Bad MatchINFJ51%
Worst MatchISTP14%

Best Match for ENFP

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ENFPs are ESFPs, ENFJs, and other ENFPs.

These are the best partners for ENFP because they are equally outgoing, enthusiastic, and compassionate. 

As mentioned earlier, these are the qualities or traits ENFPs look for in their partners and this is the reason an ENFP is most compatible with these three personality types.

People with the ENFP personality are social and fun-loving creatures who do not want their partners to interrupt them from engaging socially and enjoying new experiences.

ENFP and ENFP Relationship

ENFP-ENFP Compatibility: 97%

ENFPs are known for their outgoing, enthusiastic personalities and they are often drawn to other ENFPs because they share similar values and outlooks on life.

ENFPs can also be high-maintenance and demanding partners. They may become easily bored or restless in a relationship that isn’t constantly exciting and stimulating.

There are only a few personality types who are as energetic and fun-loving as them. They do not want to limit themselves because of their partners who might not be as outgoing as them which is the reason why ENFPs are most compatible with other ENFPs.

ENFP and ESFP Relationship

ENFP-ESFP Compatibility: 93%

ENFPs are one of the most outgoing and friendly personality types and ESFPs are also quite social and outgoing. Both of them enjoy spending time with others, always find something new to explore and are extremely loyal in relationships.

These two personalities have the best compatibility not only because of their outgoing nature but also because both these types are adventurous, spontaneous and compassionate.

An ESFP is the perfect partner for ENFPs because together they value diversity in thought and action which helps these two to find solutions that work best in any given situation.

ENFP and ENFJ Relationship

ENFP-ENFJ Compatibility: 91%

The ENFP and ENFJ relationship is one that is often described as a “match made in heaven.” These two personality types are known for their strong ability to connect with others and their natural ability to understand and support one another.

Both of you enjoy exploring new things and experiencing different activities, which makes the relationship that much more interesting

ENFJs are potential ENFP soulmates as these two personality types are often able to see the best in one another and are able to provide the support and encouragement that each needs.

Good Match for ENFP

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ENFPs are ENTPs, ESTPs, and INFPs.

The ENFP personality type compatibility with these personalities might not be the highest on record but they are compatible enough to build and sustain a fulfilling relationship.

People with the ENFP personality are spontaneous and impulsive individuals who prefer to go with the flow and take risks instead of trying to plan out everything beforehand.

The sole reason why ENFPs tend to get along with these personalities is that they are creative experimenters too who are impromptu, enjoy the process and do not stress about getting things right.

ENFP and ENTP Relationship

ENFP-ENTP Compatibility: 85%

When it comes to relationships, ENTPs are a good ENFP match. They share many of the same qualities, such as a love of adventure and a desire for new experiences which turns them into friends and lovers naturally.

ENTPs may not be the best match for ENFP on paper but both these personalities are imaginative, intuitive and share a liking for following their instincts which is why they have good compatibility.

However, there are also some differences between these two which can be a challenge in the relationship like the ENFP is more emotionally expressive whereas the ENTPs are analytical thinkers.

ENFP and ESTP Relationship

ENFP-ESTP Compatibility: 76%

ENFPs are known for their outgoing, enthusiastic personalities, while ESTPs are known for their practical, down-to-earth nature but interestingly, these two personality types can actually complement each other quite well.

ESTPs make it to the list of top ENFP matches as they can help ENFPs to focus their energy in a productive way while ENFPs can help them to see the world in a more positive, optimistic light.

When these relationships work, they do so because both partners are able to take advantage of each other’s strengths while overlooking their weaknesses.

ENFP and INFP Relationship

ENFP-INFP Compatibility: 73%

The ENFP and INFP relationship is one that can be incredibly rewarding, provided both parties are willing to work on communication and compromise.

INFPs and ENFPs can potentially be the best match for a romantic relationship because when these two personality types come together, they have a unique ability to understand each other and appreciate what makes them special.

ENFPs enjoy having a variety of friends and relationships whereas the INFPs, on the other hand, tend to have fewer close relationships.

It is important for both partners to work on communication so that they can understand each other and learn how to be more flexible.

Bad Match for ENFP

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ENFPs are INFJs, ISFPs, ESFJs, ENTJs, INTPs, and ESTJs.

Although these personalities might not be the ENFP worst matches, they still have very weak compatibility with them.

These personality types may be able to initiate a spark and build a connection with ENFPs but they might find it difficult to sustain this relationship over a longer period because of the differences in their traits.

The most common reason for the incompatibility of these personalities with the ENFPs is that they are too methodical or organized for them and may not appreciate the spontaneity of ENFPs.

ENFP and INFJ Relationship

ENFP-INFJ Compatibility: 51%

ENFPs are outgoing and friendly individuals who enjoy interacting with others and talking about their interests. They love variety and are always looking for exciting new adventures to experience. 

The INFJ, on the other hand, is introspective and calculated. They are not that spontaneous, have a small circle of close friends and value their relationships highly.

INFJs are the best match for ENFP males because they provide stability and depth to the relationship whereas ENFPs help them to come out of their shell more often which will in turn bring them happiness and fulfillment.

ENFP and ISFP Relationship

ENFP-ISFP Compatibility: 49%

An ENFP and ISFP are both fun-loving, creative personalities with a thirst for knowledge. They are spontaneous at times and enjoy new experiences, but they are also responsible enough to get their work done when needed.

ENFPs are open-minded and warm individuals who thrive on being around people. They make great friends because they are always ready to lend an ear whereas ISFPs are introspective, reserved and have a close circle of friends.

However, the difference between the two  personalities is that ENFPs are imaginative and intuitive individuals whereas the ISFPs live in the moment and are always focused on the present.

ENFP and ESFJ Relationship

ENFP-ESFJ Compatibility: 42%

Both ENFPs and ESFJs are people-oriented but good communication is essential to keeping the relationship strong. 

ENFPs love to be creative and imaginative, while ESFJs love helping others become more organized and productive. Combining your strengths together can lead to some really fun and memorable experiences.

Although both the personalities focus more on the emotional aspect of the situation, the difference between them is that ESFJs focus on what they can sense and feel whereas the ENFPs believe in their instincts.

ENFP and ENTJ Relationship

ENFP-ENTJ Compatibility: 37%

The ENFP personality compatibility is weak with ENTJs because the ENFPs are sensitive and warm whereas the ENTJs are completely objective and analytical. 

ENFPs are spontaneous, adaptive and are often seen as the life of the party whereas ENTJs are more organized, calculated and focused on achieving their goals.

ENFP compatibility may not be highest with ENTJs but both types have a lot to offer each other in terms of emotional support and intellectual stimulation. With the right balance of communication and understanding, ENFPs and ENTJs can form a strong bond.

ENFP and INTP Relationship

ENFP-INTP Compatibility: 36%

ENFP and INTP relationships are one of the most interesting and unique combinations. Although they may have different approaches to life, their differences can be complementary.

INTPs are not an ENFP ideal match because they have different communication styles, the ENFPs may feel that their partner is keeping to themselves whereas the INTPs may feel that their private space is being invaded by their partner.

ENFPs bring enthusiasm, passion, and creativity to the relationship while INTPs bring logic, objectivity, and analytical thinking. With both partners understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, this couple can create a strong bond that will last for years to come.

ENFP and ESTJ Relationship

ENFP-ESTJ Compatibility: 27%

ESTJs are capable, organized and focused with a clear sense of purpose.They want a relationship that is honest and fair, with both partners contributing equally towards its upkeep. 

The ENFP is a spontaneous individual who sees the world in terms of possibilities rather than constraints. They are often full of new ideas, constantly seeking change and innovation. 

ESTJs are not the best personality type for ENFPs because they appreciate order in their relationships and prefer having clearly defined roles while ENFP seeks a partner who understands and appreciates them for who they are.

Worst Match for ENFP

According to The Personality Data Project, the worst matches for ENFPs are ISTPs, INTJs, ISFJs, and ISTJs.

ENFPs have the worst compatibility with these personalities as they are all Introverts who are  not that outgoing.

They are energetically charged by being around others who share their opinions and values. This is why we make great friends but challenging spouses.

Although ENFPs love being part of a close-knit group and may feel stifled in a relationship that limits our social circle.

ENFP and ISTP Relationship

ENFP-ISTP Compatibility: 14%

ENFPs are outgoing, friendly and warm hearted whereas ISTPs are introverted, reserved and objective. ISTPs prefer a simple life with few distractions, while ENFPs prefer to have many options and possibilities.

ISTPs are not compatible with ENFPs because they may feel stifled by all of the attention they receive from them whereas ENFPs may feel their partner does not socialize enough. 

These two personality types are often drawn to each other because of their differences and this combination of opposite qualities can be a recipe for disaster or success, depending on how well the two are willing to work.

ENFP and INTJ Relationship

ENFP-INTJ Compatibility: 13%

ENFPs are open-minded, spontaneous and have an interest in everything around them. ENFPs are outgoing and tend to be optimistic and positive about life, which helps them bring a positive energy into relationships.

On the other hand INTJs are logical thinkers who prefer coming to conclusions based on facts and objective information, rather than subjective ideas or opinions. They are focused individuals who want to get things done, and this can make them seem very serious at times.

The key to a successful ENFP-INTJ relationship is understanding each other’s differences, appreciating them, and learning how to work together.

ENFP and ISFJ Relationship

ENFP-ISFJ Compatibility: 11%

ISFJs might not be the ENFP best match as these two personality types are very different, but they complement each other perfectly.

Although ENFPs tend to be extremely social and outgoing whereas the ISFJs are introverted and reserved, they are both sensitive and share a similar level of care and concern for others. This makes the ENFP-ISFJ relationship one filled with love and understanding.

ENFPs are creative, imaginative and spontaneous, while ISFJs are practical, down-to-earth and work well with details. This combination may make it challenging but it may result in a relationship that is both exciting and stable.

ENFP and ISTJ Relationship

ENFP-ISTJ Compatibility: 4%

ENFPs are least compatible with people of the ISTJ personality because these two personalities are poles apart when it comes to their traits and behavior.

ISTJs are reserved, analytical and organized individuals who are focused on concrete information whereas ENFPs are outgoing, intuitive and compassionate individuals who are spontaneous and free flowing.

Both types are very driven and they can often help each other to achieve their goals. However, ISTJs are not a perfect ENFP relationship match and things can be challenging, as both types tend to be quite stubborn and headstrong.

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