ENTJ Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

People with the ENTJ personality are charismatic individuals who have an objective approach and place great importance on being consistent and sticking to a routine.

The ENTJ compatibility is the highest with people who are equally outgoing, open to new experiences and have a high intellect. The best match for ENTJ is ESTJ in addition to another ENTJ.

ENTJ Compatibility Chart

Best MatchENTJ91%
Good MatchENTP81%
Bad MatchESFJ53%
Worst MatchISFJ29%

Best Match for ENTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ENTJs are ESTJs and other ENTJs. 

If you are an ENTJ, you are probably always on the lookout for your perfect partner as ENTJs are known for their strong personalities and high standards.

The personality types ENTJs are most compatible with are ESTJs and ENTJs because they both enjoy making decisions and controlling the action.

ENTJs tend to get along with outgoing people who are logic oriented and prefer a stable lifestyle which is why they have the best compatibility with these two types.

ENTJ and ENTJ Relationship

ENTJ-ENTJ Compatibility: 91%

A relationship with an ENTJ can be both exhilarating and challenging as these driven, ambitious types are known for their strong opinions and their even stronger wills.

ENTJs are natural leaders, and they often take the lead in relationships which can be a great thing as they are often very successful and can help their partners achieve their own goals.

An ENTJ is most compatible with another ENTJ because they understand each other naturally and they can be challenging for other types to be with as they are very headstrong at times.

ENTJ and ESTJ Relationship

ENTJ-ESTJ Compatibility: 87%

ESTJs are the perfect partners for ENTJ and this relationship is one that can be both professionally and personally fulfilling. Both types are highly independent and value their own space and freedom but they also recognize the importance of teamwork and compromise in order to achieve their goals.

When these two types combine forces they make an unstoppable team, because they each have different skills to contribute towards any project or goal. 

The only problem with this relationship is that it can sometimes become too focused on work and not enough on the relationship itself.

Good Match for ENTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ENTJs are ENTPs, ESTPs, and ISTJs. 

ENTJs are often successful in their chosen fields, so it stands to reason that they would want a partner who can keep up with them intellectually and challenge them to be their best self.

They have an exceptionally analytical or objective approach which does not sit well with people who are considerate of emotions while making a decision.

As a result, they tend to have good compatibility only with those personality types who have a similar objective outlook. 

ENTJ and ENTP Relationship

ENTJ-ENTP Compatibility: 81%

The ENTJ and ENTP relationship is one that is often filled with excitement and adventure as these two personality types are both very driven and ambitious, and they are always looking for new ways to push themselves. 

ENTJs prefer to pre plan everything in detail whereas ENTPs choose to be spontaneous and indulge themselves in impromptu adventures.

ENTPs are the best partners for ENTJ as both of them are highly intelligent, quick-witted and they often enjoy debating and challenging each other.

ENTJ and ESTP Relationship

ENTJ-ESTP Compatibility: 74%

ESTPs value action and want everything done now as they have a lot of energy, while ENTJs do not always have as much which can make their partner feel they are not putting in effort.

Nonetheless, they are both extroverted personality types, so they tend to have a lot in common. Both types are action-oriented, enjoy being around people and they love to be busy.

They also have their fair share of differences because these two types have different priorities, approaches to life and relationships, and even values.

Understanding these differences can help ESTPs to be an ENTJ relationship match and also make the relationship work well.

ENTJ and ISTJ Relationship

ENTJ-ISTJ Compatibility: 68%

When it comes to relationships, these two tend to be very different types. ENTJs are outgoing and tend to be very assertive, while ISTJs are introverted and often more passive. 

These two types can actually complement each other quite well as ENTJs can help ISTJs to be more outgoing and to take action, while ISTJs can help ENTJs to slow down and to focus on the details.

If both types can learn to appreciate each other’s similarities and differences, ISTJs have the potential to be an ENTJ ideal match.

Bad Match for ENTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ENTJs are ESFJs, ESFPs, INTPs, INTJs, ENFJs, ISTPs, and ENFPs

ENTJ are a bit of a powerhouse as they are confident, analytical, and always up for a challenge. There are certain personality types that just do not mesh well with them.

Since they are social creatures who are always open to new experiences, they find it hard to get along with the reserved or introspective personality types.

It is not only the introverts with whom ENTJs have weak compatibility but also the extroverts who tend to focus on the emotional aspect of a situation ignoring the factual details.

ENTJ and ESFJ Relationship

ENTJ-ESFJ Compatibility: 53%

The ENTJ and ESFJ relationship is a fascinating one, full of challenges and opportunities. These two personality types are very different in many ways, but they also have a lot in common.

ENTJs like to be in control, are not afraid of challenges and will welcome them as opportunities to grow and become better. ESFJs are more likely to see themselves as the supportive type who want to make other people happy and are focused on nurturing relationships. 

This can sometimes create tension between the two, but it is what makes ESFJs an ENTJ romantic match and also leads to a deep understanding and appreciation of each other.

ENTJ and ESFP Relationship

ENTJ-ESFP Compatibility: 51%

The ENTJ and ESFP relationship is one that is full of adventure and excitement as these two personality types are both outgoing and enjoy spending time together. 

They also have their fair share of differences, which can make things interesting. ENTJs are organized and analytical, while ESFPs are more spontaneous and emotional. 

This can sometimes lead to conflict between the two, but it is what makes ESFPs an ENTJ love match and the relationship dynamic and exciting.

ENTJ and INTP Relationship

ENTJ-INTP Compatibility: 47%

ENTJs are often known for their leadership abilities and desire to bring order out of chaos. They enjoy being in control and making decisions that help others.

INTPs, on the other hand, are more independent thinkers who want nothing more than to explore ideas and come up with new solutions to problems that exist in society.

Although these two personality types have contrasting traits, they are the best match for a romantic relationship and work well together because they both value independence and think deeply about things.

ENTJ and INTJ Relationship

ENTJ-INTJ Compatibility: 46%

INTJs are potential ENTJ soulmates as they are both highly intelligent and logical. They are both quick thinkers and are always looking for ways to improve things.

ENTJs are natural leaders, while INTJs are more content to take a backseat role in order to absorb as much information as possible. This difference can cause problems in a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. 

These two personality types are often able to see eye-to-eye on many things, and they are often able to provide each other with the support and encouragement that they need.

ENTJ and ENFJ Relationship

ENTJ-ENFJ Compatibility: 42%

These two personality types have a lot in common as they are both outgoing, logic oriented and consistent in their approach. However, there are also some potential challenges they may face.

For example, ENTJs are often more task-oriented and may have a hard time understanding the emotional needs of their partner. ENFJs, on the other hand, may find the bluntness of ENTJs a bit too much.

If they can manage to understand and respect their differences, ENFJs can be compatible with ENTJs and forge a balanced relationship.

ENTJ and ISTP Relationship

ENTJ-ISTP Compatibility: 41%

These two personality types are both very independent and analytical, and they are often drawn to each other because of these shared qualities

ISTPs are thoughtful, reserved and prefer the thinking function over all others, including sensation and feeling. They rely heavily on their senses but are not necessarily swayed by them.

ENTJs on the other are intuitively outgoing creatures who are interested in living a stable life instead of wandering impulsively. These differences hamper the relationship and it is why ISTPs are not the best match for ENTJs.

ENTJ and ENFP Relationship

ENTJ-ENFP Compatibility: 37%

The traits shared by both are that they are driven, ambitious, and also very outgoing and social. This can make for a very exciting and stimulating relationship, but it can also be a little bit overwhelming at times.

ENTJs are analytical, organized and are often the dominant partner in this relationship whereas ENFPs are spontaneous and have compassion for everyone around them.

The ENTJ compatibility is not the highest with them but ENFPs can help them to be free flowing and considerate of everybody’s feelings while ENTJs can guide ENFPs to be logical and consistent.

Worst Match for ENTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, the worst matches for ENTJs are ISFJs, INFJs, INFPs, and ISFPs.

ENTJs might wonder what the worst possible matches for them are. After all, they are strong, independent thinkers who know what they want in life.

Unfortunately, not all personality types get along well and ENTJs are least compatible with introverts who are too gentle or emotional for them.

They have the worst compatibility with these types because ENTJs are extremely outgoing and analytical which is in contrast to their reserved and warm nature. 

ENTJ and ISFJ Relationship

ENTJ-ISFJ Compatibility: 29%

ENTJs are defined by boldness, courage and creative imagination. They are decision-makers and leaders who often have grand goals and enjoy control over their environment. 

ISFJs are gentle and warm individuals who are loyal and devoted to protecting the ones they love. They tend to rely more on concrete data intaken through their senses instead of following their instincts.

Although they both value routine and consistency, ISFJs are introverted diplomats who take in account the emotions of people around them whereas ENTJs are known for being outspoken, honest and straightforward. This is why ISFJs do not make it to the list of top ENTJ matches.

ENTJ and INFJ Relationship

ENTJ-INFJ Compatibility: 25%

ENTJs are extroverted and focused on making decisions with facts and data, whereas the INFJ is introverted and prefers to base their decisions on human values and beliefs. 

People of the ENTJ personality like to bring people together in order to accomplish goals, while INFJs prefer to focus on one-on-one relationships.

They share similar values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty and commitment. The ENTJ personality compatibility is low with INFJs but what brings them along is that they are both visionary thinkers who want to see a better world and are not afraid to speak up about it.

ENTJ and INFP Relationship

ENTJ-INFP Compatibility: 13%

An ENTJ in a relationship with an INFP may find that their partner is a great source of inspiration and creativity. They may also find that their partner is a great listener and can offer them different perspectives on things. 

INFPs are not the best personality type for ENTJs because they are a bit more sensitive and impulsive than their partner. If ENTJs need to make this relationship work, they need to be patient and gentle with them at times.

ENTJ and ISFP Relationship

ENTJ-ISFP Compatibility: 6%

ENTJs are goal-oriented individuals who are good at strategizing and planning for the future while ISFPs are intuitive individuals who like to experiment around with things.

It is said that ISFPs are the ENTJ worst match which may be true to some extent, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

This combination can result in a relationship that is both exciting and stable as ENTJs are logical while ISFPs are flexible. ENTJs can provide the ISFP with a sense of structure and stability, while ISFPs can motivate them to indulge in fun activities.

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