7 Major ESTP Strengths & How to Maximize Them (2024)

Your self-awareness will grow as you become more aware of your strengths. It gives you a fresh perspective of your positive traits you may have undervalued before.

ESTPs are bold, energetic, and outgoing individuals who are efficient in whatever task they take upon.

Some of the ESTP strengths have been mentioned but the two special gifts they possess are their Rationality and the power of perception.

ESTP Strengths

1. Rational

ESTP are rational individuals who are drawn to scientific and technical activities. They are the architects, engineers, and inventors of our world.

They also have a creative side that allows them to see new possibilities in life and make them happen, but the ESTP core strength is their rationality.

Since they have a preference of the Thinking (T) trait over the feeling trait, it is the strength of an ESTP personality to think rationally and make decisions based on logic instead of getting swayed away by emotions.

How to Maximize it

  • Although ESTPs possess the positive characteristic of rationality, they can still make impulsive decisions which can be avoided if they ask themselves beforehand whether the decision they are making is well-informed.
  • ESTPs can also improve their rationality by engaging in debates with people who are judicious themselves and do not defy logic.
  • They can do excellently in technical fields like scientific research and engineering because they do not let emotions influence them.

2. Perceptive

How they perceive and what they perceive is very important to ESTPs. They are always on the lookout for things to do, people to meet, and opportunities to take advantage of. 

ESTPs have a preference of the Perceiving (P) trait over the Judging trait so they are not the ones to make in depth plans, they prefer being impromptu.

They are extremely perceptive about the world around them and will notice things that other types might miss which allow ESTPs to flourish  and be great detectives, entrepreneurs and emergency responders.

How to Maximize it

  • The ESTP talent of perceiving details can be maximized by not fixating on the first impressions and any thing in particular they consider significant.
  • They can also boost their power of perception by not letting somebody else’s opinion dominate their point of view.
  • ESTPs can utilize this personality strength and do exceptionally well in careers like computer programming or as an airline pilot and anesthetist because they are attentive to detail.

3. Bold

ESTPs are daring individuals who enjoy taking risks, are very hands-on and typically enjoy working with their hands and getting involved in the process of things.

ESTP thrives on taking up new challenges as a way of expanding their experience and knowledge, they strive for perfection and believe that mistakes are learning opportunities. 

The Extraversion (E) trait makes them outgoing and sociable, whereas the Sensing (S) trait gives them the ability to read their environment well and utilize their social interactions positively.

How to Maximize it

  • Boldness can be maximized only if the person is willing to take risks in order to bend rules to get things done. Therefore, ESTPs can boost their natural strength by being a calculated risk taker.
  • They can also try boosting their boldness by doing or pursuing something that makes them nervous.
  • People with the ESTP personality can do exceptionally well as lawyers because they have strong opinions and are good at convincing others.

4. Man of Action

ESTPs are known for their can-do attitude and they are often the ones who are leading the charge and get things done.

ESTP strength at work is that they do not spend time explaining a task to their colleagues or subordinates if they know they can do it themselves efficiently.

Because of their ability to get things done, ESTPs are often drawn towards the world of business and are great leaders as well because they are able to come up with really good ideas and execute them.

How to Maximize it

  • Taking on new challenges, avoiding procrastination and rewarding themselves for completing tasks are significant in boosting the ESTP strength.
  • Pursuing something new can be worrying for everyone, but seeing that fear as a positive is essential for ESTPs to enhance their confidence and skills.
  • ESTPs tend to be great entrepreneurs and leaders because they are willing to take risks and get their hands dirty to complete a task to perfection.

5. Straightforward

Honesty and forthright communication is also an ESTP personality strength that allows other people to know who they really are because of their sincere self expression.

They are not just straightforward speakers, but they expect others to reciprocate it and give them information that is clear, direct and can be acted upon rationally.

People who do not know ESTPs personally may have the impression that they are rude, but once they get to know them, they come to the understanding that they are just candid and brutally honest.

How to Maximize it

  • ESTPs can boost their candidness by speaking what is on their mind without giving it a second and not taking into account how the listeners would potentially react.
  • It can also help them in situations or jobs that require clear and to-the-point communication, like that of a budget analyst.
  • Forthright communication is an ESTP strength in relationships because their partners are aware of what they are feeling and what to expect of them.

6. Outgoing

People with the ESTP personality type are friendly individuals who are always up for trying something new, get along with everyone, and enjoy taking on challenges.

ESTPs have a preference of the Extraversion (E) trait over the Introversion one and their dominant function is Extraverted Sensing which means that social engagements give energy to them.

ESTP superpowers are flexibility, spontaneity, and courage. They are action-oriented individuals who do not let fear stand in the way of doing something exciting or useful.

How to Maximize it

  • Being sociable is one of the many ESTP gifts which can be maximized by stepping outside their comfort zones and pursuing something new.
  • ESTPs can also boost their social skills by using their social connections not just for interacting but for networking and creating opportunities.
  • They can be great salespersons because they have the necessary skills to interact with all kinds of people and gel with them over something mutual.

7. Reliable

ESTPs are reliable and can be trusted because they are known to keep their word and fulfill whatever duty or responsibility they have taken upon.

Their reliability can be credited to their honesty as they say out loud if they think they are not the right person for the job or if they have prior obligations, which is a good personality trait.

In an emergency, ESTPs tend to do great as they do not panic and jointly use their boldness, power of perception and logical reasoning to get everyone involved to a safe spot.

How to Maximize it

  • ESTPs can boost their reliability by managing commitments, communicating proactively, being consistent, and informing beforehand if they can not follow through.
  • Since they are honest and reliable subordinates, they are appreciated at their workspace and can possibly get promoted if their supervisor notices these ESTP positive traits.
  • Jobs that require dependability, like that of a pathologist, can work out well for ESTPs because they are reliable and pay great attention to details.


What is ESTPs strongest function?

The strongest ESTP cognitive function is Extraverted Sensing (Se) which enables them to search their surroundings for intriguing sensory delights naturally and to notice details that other personality types might overlook.

What makes ESTPs special?

The greatest strength of an ESTP that makes them special is their ability to think rationally and 

act practically, even in situations that involve a lot of emotions.

What is the best trait ESTPs have?

The best trait that ESTPs have is they are very honest and straightforward people who speak whatever is on their mind without toning it down or sugarcoating it.

What are ESTPs naturally good at?

The ESFP skill they are naturally good at is the art of perceiving everything around them through their senses and recognizing the needs of people.

What do ESTPs value the most?

Things that ESTPs value the most are their sense of practicality, their desire to test what they are capable of and exploring all the possibilities of life.

What is attractive about ESTPs?

The attractive quality about the ESTPs is they are very observant and are good at perceiving the emotions of others which makes them feel they are being understood.

How smart are ESTPs?

ESTPs are clever individuals who get along with everyone and possess the positive personality trait to think rationally, even in stressful and emotional situations.

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