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ISFJ Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

ISFJs are introspective individuals who are loyal and devoted in their relationships and seek the same qualities in their partners.

This is the reason why ISFJ compatibility is the highest with other introverts who are methodical, dedicated and place the same value on relationships as they do.

However, the best match for an ISFJ is ISTJ in addition to another ISFJ.

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ISFJ Compatibility Chart

Best MatchISFJ95%
Good MatchINTJ79%
Bad MatchESTJ48%
Worse MatchESFP12%

Best Match for ISFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ISFJs are ISTJs, INFJs, and other ISFJs. (1)

When it comes down to it, compatibility is what makes or breaks any relationship. If two people are not compatible in the ways that matter most then the relationship will not last long.

ISFJs are thoughtful or insightful individuals with the commitment to take up any task to perfection and ISFJs are most compatible with similar personality types.

They look for the same qualities in their partners and the ISFJ personality type compatibility

is highest with these types because they are also introspective and possess the drive and dedication that an ISFJ looks for.

ISFJ and ISFJ Relationship

ISFJ-ISFJ Compatibility: XX%

ISFJs are extremely loyal and dedicated to their loved ones. They are not outgoing, prefer to stay behind the scenes, avoiding the spotlight at all costs.  

When it comes to relationships, ISFJs are natural caregivers who want nothing more than to have someone to take care of as they are faithful partners who will do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy.

The biggest challenge ISFPs face in a relationship is finding someone who is equally as dedicated and caring and this is the reason why an ISFJ is most compatible with another ISFJ.

ISFJ and ISTJ Relationship

ISFJ-ISTJ Compatibility: 93%

ISFJ and ISTJ relationships are often described as being solid and stable because both types are known for their loyalty, dedication, and these qualities often show up in their relationships. 

Both these personalities have similar traits. The only difference being that the ISFJs tend to be sensitive and emotionally expressive people whereas ISTJs are completely rational and logic oriented.

ISTJs are the best partners for ISFJ because they both usually want similar things out of life and their relationship, and they are often able to provide stability and support for each other.

ISFJ and INFJ Relationship

ISFJ-INFJ Compatibility: 85%

INFJs are imaginative individuals with an altruistic mind. They are intuitive in nature which means they trust their instincts and possess the ability to recognise patterns. 

ISTJs are known for being loyal and dependable, with a strong sense of duty and honor. They value consistency and stability in their life and are detail oriented.

INFJs are potential ISFJ soulmates as their instinctive nature is perfectly complemented by the thoroughness of ISFJs and their awareness of details.

However, these relationships do have their challenges. As both types are very sensitive and emotional, they can sometimes be too unrealistic or unaware about the factual details of a situation.

Good Match for ISFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ISFJs are INTJs, ESFJs, ISFPs, and ISTPs. (1)

The ISFJ personality compatibility is not the highest with these personality types because they differ from ISFJs in some areas and there are other personality types that have better compatibility.

ISFJs want their partners to be thoughtful, introspective, methodical and committed to their goals. The reason why they do not have the best compatibility with ISFJs is because they lack in one of these areas.

Although they are not the top ISFJ matches on record, they are able to build fulfilling relationships with them.

ISFJ and INTJ Relationship

ISFJ-INTJ Compatibility: 79%

INTJs are compatible with ISFJs for the reason that they actually have a lot in common. Both types are introverted, thoughtful and methodical who prefer planning and executing everything as planned. 

They are also both loyal and dedicated partners but there are some key differences between these two types that may offer challenges in their relationship.

ISFJs are emotionally expressive people who are always considerate of the feelings of others. On the other hand, INTJs are logic oriented individuals who do not let emotions influence their decision.

ISFJ and ESFJ Relationship

ISFJ-ESFJ Compatibility: 79%

ISFJ and ESFJ are the best match for a romantic relationship as both types are known for being organized, attentive to details, and they often form strong bonds of friendship and love.

Both types are very family-oriented individuals who love spending time with their loved ones. They are also extremely organized and good at managing practical matters such as meal planning and household chores. 

ISFJs can be very shy and reserved when it comes to expressing themselves. ESFJs are outgoing extroverts who like talking about themselves. ISFJs may not have the same desire for attention which can be a cause of conflict.

ISFJ and ISFP Relationship

ISFJ-ISFP Compatibility: 76%

ISFPs are the perfect partners for ISFJs as both types are highly sensitive and compassionate, and they are often drawn to each other because of their shared values and similar worldviews.

When it comes to relationship roles, ISFJs are most comfortable being the caretaker of their partner. ISFPs are content with the status quo and just go along with whatever their partner plans.

While the ISFJ is more likely to be the stabilizing force in this relationship, the ISFP is more likely to be the one who brings new ideas and experiences to the table. 

ISFJ and ISTP Relationship

ISFJ-ISTP Compatibility: 62%

ISTPs are a perfect ISFJ relationship match because both types are highly independent and value each other’s own space and freedom. This relationship is one that is supportive and stable, but also full of excitement and adventure.

They have good compatibility with each other as they both lie on the introverted side of the spectrum and the other trait they have in common is that they work well with details.

There are also some differences between them as in the case of any other relationship. ISFJs are methodical and tend to pay emphasis on the emotional aspect whereas ISTPs are spontaneous and factual.

Bad Match for ISFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ISFJs are ESTJs, INFPs, INTPs, ENFJs, and ENTJs. (1)

The two qualities that an ISFJ looks for in their potential partner is thoughtfulness and passion or commitment to a goal.

All these personality types that have weak compatibility with ISFJs are either not thoughtful enough or lack the passion and devotion it takes to be compatible with ISFJs.

The ISFJ compatibility might not be the lowest with them but they find it hard to build a connection with them and are definitely not the best personality types for ISFJs.

ISFJ and ESTJ Relationship

ISFJ-ESTJ Compatibility: 48%

ESTJs are not an ISFJ ideal match and the relationship has its challenges but when these two types get together they make a great team.

ISFJ is the caring, conscientious one whereas ESTJ is the organized and goal-oriented one in the relationship.

ISFJ are nurturing, sensitive souls who are very attentive to the needs of others. They want to please their loved ones and will go above and beyond to do so which can make them very submissive in relationships.

ESTJs are much more outgoing and are the ones who get out there and make things happen. They love to be in charge and do not mind having control over situations, people or tasks. 

ISFJ and INFP Relationship

ISFJ-INFP Compatibility: 46%

ISFJs and INFPs have different approaches to life but can still find common ground. ISFJs are often described as practical and down-to-earth, while INFPs are often seen as more idealistic and imaginative. 

However, INFPs are an ISFJ romantic match as both of them are driven by a strong sense of compassion and a desire to make a difference in the world.

In a relationship, ISFJs may find that they are taking care of practical matters while INFPs bring a fresh perspective and new ideas for how to move forward. This can be a positive dynamic when both partners work together as a team. 

ISFJ and INTP Relationship

ISFJ-INTP Compatibility: 38%

The ISFJ and INTP relationship is one that is often misunderstood. ISFJs are often seen as too sensitive or methodical to be compatible with an INTP, but the truth is that these two types can actually complement each other very well.

ISFJs are very caring and considerate, while INTPs are often very intellectual and analytical. This combination can make for a very strong and supportive relationship. 

ISFJs can help INTPs to see the importance of compassion and routine whereas INTPs can help them to be rational, flexible and trust their instincts.

ISFJ and ENFJ Relationship

ISFJ-ENFJ Compatibility: 30%

Both ISFJs and ENFJs are known for their caring and supportive nature, and they are often drawn to each other because of this.

However, there are also some differences between the two personality types that can create challenges in the relationship. 

The first challenge you will likely encounter as an ISFJ-ENFJ couple is finding a balance between the need for solitude and the desire to connect with others. ENFJs enjoy being around people and likewise, ISFJs find comfort in having some space around them.

ISFJ and ENTJ Relationship

ISFJ-ENTJ Compatibility: 29%

These two personality types can actually have a lot in common, despite their differences. Both ISFJs and ENTJs are hardworking, loyal, and dedicated to their relationships. 

However, there can be some challenges in this pairing, as ISFJs tend to be more emotional and sensitive, while ENTJs are more rational and logical. But if both partners are willing to work at their relationship, it can be a mutually fulfilling one.

ISFJs also tend to avoid conflict and may stay in a relationship with ENTJs longer than they should because they do not want to lose what they feel is security.

Worst Match for ISFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ISFJs are ESFPs, ESTPs, ENFPs, and ENTPs. (1)

ISFJs want their partners to be passionate and committed to whatever task or project they take up. They also want their partners to be a bit on the reserved side instead of being extremely outgoing.

The reason that ISFJs have the worst compatibility with these personality types is that they are all extroverted and impulsive people who are not as methodical as ISFJs want them to be. 

ISFJ and ESFP Relationship

ISFJ-ESFP Compatibility: 12%

ISFJs are warm-hearted and nurturing, while ESFPs are fun-loving and outgoing. ESFPs may not be the perfect ISFJ match but this combination can make for a very compatible and supportive relationship.

Both types are highly sensitive and value harmony in their relationships. When two sensitive and caring individuals find each other, they can trust that they will find harmony together.

ISFJs value consistency, tradition and tend to be focused on keeping things orderly and organized. ESFPs on the other hand are spontaneous individuals who take impulsive actions and enjoy engaging socially.

ISFJ and ESTP Relationship

ISFJ-ESTP Compatibility: 12%

ESTPs are not the ISFJ best match because they have some differences when it comes to handling life’s issues but these two types can find an equilibrium that works well. 

ISFJ is a loyal partner who will be there for their partner whenever they need support or help with making decisions. ESTP enjoys being around people and finding solutions to the problems around them.

They can both find satisfaction in bringing joy into other people’s lives through their unique gifts and talents.

ISFJ and ENFP Relationship

ISFJ-ENFP Compatibility: 11%

ISFJs are known for their practicality and loyalty, while ENFPs are known for their creativity and spontaneity.

ISFJs tend to be the stabilizing force in the relationship, while ENFPs tend to be the ones keeping things fresh and new. Because of this, it is common for an ISFJ to feel like they are taking care of their partner while they are away and ENFP feels guilty about being away too much.

ENFPs are not the best match for ISFJs because they may feel stressed out by having to spend so much time with their partner, while the ISFJ will want some time to themselves without worrying about their partner.

ISFJ and ENTP Relationship

ISFJ-ENTP Compatibility: 5%

ISFJs are least compatible with the people of the ENTP personality because they are unalike in every manner and have entirely contrasting traits. 

ENTPs might be the ISFJ worst match but it does not mean that it is impossible to build a relationship with them. 

When one of them feels overwhelmed by life or the relationship, they should take a step back from the situation so that they can recharge. 

The only thing they have in common is the desire to make a difference in the world. This relationship can be a source of strength for both types, as they can learn from and support each other.


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