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ISFP Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

A relationship is harmonious and able to last long only if the two personality types involved are compatible with each other.

ISFPs want their partners to be easygoing and want to form an intimate emotional connection with them. 

The ISFP compatibility is good with introspective and compassionate personalities, and the best match for ISFP is INFP in addition to another ISFP.

ISFP Compatibility Chart

Best MatchISFP97%
Good MatchINFJ58%
Bad MatchENFP49%
Worse MatchESTJ22%

Best Match for ISFP

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ISFPs are INFPs, ISTPs, ISFJs, and other ISFPs. (1)

As mentioned above, people with the ISFP personality are loyal and devoted partners who want to form an intimate emotional connection with their partners.

This is the reason why ISFPs are most compatible with introspective personalities who are emotionally expressive and open to build a connection devoid of any logic.

All the personality types in this list are introverts who are thoughtful and mostly attentive to the needs of other people around them.

ISFP and ISFP Relationship

ISFP-ISFP Compatibility: 97%

An ISFP is most compatible with another ISFP counterpart because they share the same traits and also for the reason that they have a natural understanding of each other’s tendencies and behavior.

An ISFP has the best compatibility with other ISFPs because they understand the fact that their partner enjoys spending time alone or in a closely knit group and does not like to be forced to engage socially.

They are also both sensors who prefer to focus on the here and now and place a high value on family and close friends so instances of dishonesty and misunderstandings are rare.

ISFP and INFP Relationship

ISFP-INFP Compatibility: 78%

The ISFP and INFP relationship is one that is built on a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect as both these personality types are very introspective and compassionate, and they are often able to understand each other on a deep level. 

ISFPs have a firm belief in their senses and are sharply observant whereas INFPs have a vivid imagination and an uncanny ability to recognize patterns.

INFPs are an ISFP ideal match and this relationship is often very enriching, satisfying and can be a source of great comfort and support for both partners.

ISFP and ISTP Relationship

ISFP-ISTP Compatibility: 76%

The relationship between ISFP and ISTP can be described as one of excitement and adventure. Both types are highly independent, spontaneous and enjoy exploring new things. They are also both very creative, which can lead to a lot of fun and interesting conversations.

The ISFP personality compatibility with ISTPs is high because they are both introverted and adaptable individuals who like to live in the moment rather than thinking too much about the future.

However, ISFPs are extremely compassionate individuals who are always considerate of other people’s feelings whereas the ISTPs are entirely objective and logic oriented.

ISFP and ISFJ Relationship

ISFP-ISFJ Compatibility: 76%

ISFJs make it to the list of top ISFP matches because both types value peace, harmony and they are often drawn to each other because of these shared values.

ISFJs are potential ISFP soulmates as both of them are sensitive and compassionate individuals who desire nothing more than to be loved for who they are.

ISFJs have a strong sense of purpose, which means they work hard to achieve something and are not easily distracted whereas the ISFPs are spontaneous and impulsive people who frequently jump ships. 

Good Match for ISFP

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ISFPs are INFJs, ESFPs, and ESFJs. (1)

The ISFP compatibility may not be the highest with these personality types and they may not be the ISFP best matches on paper but they are compatible enough to form a long lasting bond.

Although ISFPs tend to have a couple of differences with these personality types which may cause conflicts, they come together to find ways to counter them and use it to their benefit.

ISFP and INFJ Relationship

ISFP-INFJ Compatibility: 58%

ISFPs are known for their gentle and caring nature, while INFJs are known for their deep understanding of others. This can make for a very supportive and loving relationship. 

Both these personalities tend to be artistically inclined which is why INFJs are an ISFP romantic match. However, just like with any relationship there are some challenges that you may face as an ISFP-INFJ couple.

People with the INFJ personality are intuitive and imaginative individuals whereas ISFPs like to trust their senses instead of their instincts and are focused on the present.

ISFP and ESFP Relationship

ISFP-ESFP Compatibility: 58%

ESFPs are an ISFP match and have potential for a great relationship because both personalities are spontaneous, compassionate and share a love for new experiences.

ISFPs are creative souls who enjoy the process of finding beauty in the world around them and want to live in a harmonious environment that allows them to be themselves without having to worry about judgements.

ESFPs have a lot of similarities with ISFPs but instead of being reserved, they are energized by their social time and thrive in large groups where they can engage with multiple people at a time.

ISFP and ESFJ Relationship

ISFP-ESFJ Compatibility: 57%

ESFJs are not the perfect partners for ISFPs as they are organized and find comfort in routine activities while the ISFPs are impulsive, spontaneous and always up for random adventures.

These two personalities also tend to differ when it comes to openness to social interaction. ESFPs are extroverted people who like engaging in groups whereas the ISFPs are reserved, have few close friends and prefer keeping to themselves.

However, ESFJs have the potential to be the best match for ISFP males because they are both action oriented and compassionate personalities.

Bad Match for ISFP

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ISFPs are ENFPs, ISTJs, INTJs, ESTPs, INTPs, and ENFJs. (1)

These personality types are known to have weak compatibility with ISFPs for the reason that their differences overweigh the similarities they have with people of the ISFP personality.

It is not impossible for these personality types to have a fulfilling relationship with ISFPs but due to the contrasting traits that may hamper their relationship, they are not the best personality type for ISFPs.

ISFP and ENFP Relationship

ISFP-ENFP Compatibility: 49%

ENFPs are an ISFP love match and both these personality types are often drawn to each other because they share many of the same values and interests.

ISFPs are known for their gentle and compassionate nature, while ENFPs are known for their outgoing and enthusiastic personality. Together, these two personality types can create a strong and lasting bond. 

When an ISFP meets an ENFP, they immediately click because they both share the same values. The ISFP is drawn to the ENFPs outgoing and enthusiastic personality, while the ENFP is drawn towards the ISFPs gentle nature and ability to connect with others.

ISFP and ISTJ Relationship

ISFP-ISTJ Compatibility: 47%

ISFPs are introspective, creative and loyal individuals who are also known for being compassionate and considerate of the feelings of people around them.

ISTJs are also reserved and loyal but the difference is that they are organized and practical compared to ISFPs and are also known for being decisive and factual.

People with the ISTJ personality are compatible with ISFPs because they are both introverted, driven by their senses. The domains they differ in offer multiple perspectives and balance in the relationship.

ISFP and INTJ Relationship

ISFP-INTJ Compatibility: 45%

INTJs are known for being independent minded, analytical, and determined. They are also known for pursuing knowledge and understanding at all costs.

People with the ISFP personality are also strong headed and independent but the difference between them is that they are not as determined or objective as the INTJs.

INTJs might not be the best match for ISFP on paper but their determination and practicality is perfectly complemented by the compassion and flexibility of ISFPs.

ISFP and ESTP Relationship

ISFP-ESTP Compatibility: 43%

ESTPs are an ISFP relationship match because this relationship can be a great source of growth for both partners as they learn to understand and appreciate each other’s perspective.

ISFPs are introspective and free-spirited people who love to follow their hearts, especially when it comes to something deeply personal. They have a sense of humanity and want to connect with other people on an emotional level.

ESTPs are energetic and outgoing people who live in the here and now. They are full of excitement and want to experience everything life has to offer. ESTPs are the voice of reason in this relationship whereas the ISFPs are the sensitive ones.

ISFP and INTP Relationship

ISFP-INTP Compatibility: 43%

INTPs are the best match for ISFP females because they are known for their gentle and compassionate nature which can be perfectly complemented by the quick minds and intellectual curiosity of INTPs.

Both types are introverts, which means they are more likely to bond over shared interests and conversations than they are to engage in loud and raucous activities. 

They are also both Perceiving types, which means they are flexible and adaptable to change. Because of these similarities, the ISFP-INTP relationship can be a close and happy one.

However, since INTPs are introverted thinkers they may do something that seems logical to them but can hurt their ISFP partner who is sensitive.

ISFP and ENFJ Relationship

ISFP-ENFJ Compatibility: 40%

This relationship has the potential to be a very rewarding one, full of growth and enrichment because these two personalities are very understanding of one another and do their best to meet in the middle when it comes to fulfilling each other’s needs.

Both ISFPs and ENFJs are warm and caring individuals who value harmony above all else and want to make others feel safe and secure in the world. They tend to be very accepting and supportive of others, especially their loved ones. 

The differences between them is that ISFPs are introspective and adaptable whereas the ENFJs are organized and outgoing.

Worst Match for ISFP

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ISFPs are ESTJs, ENTPs, and ENTJs. (1)

ISFPs are least compatible with these personality types because they have some major differences which makes it tough for them to form or build a relationship.

People with the ISFP personality are introspective, reserved and adaptable individuals who are always considerate of the needs and desires of people around them.

The similarity between these three personalities is that they are all extremely outgoing and logic oriented which is the reason the ISFP personality type compatibility is the lowest with them.

ISFP and ESTJ Relationship

ISFP-ESTJ Compatibility: 22%

These two personality types have different strengths that can complement each other but on the other hand, they can also butt heads due to their different approaches to life. These two also share a strong moral compass and desire to do what’s right.

ESTJs are not the best partners for ISFP because their take-charge attitude can be a bit overwhelming for ISFPs, but it is also what makes them such great leaders. 

ESTJs are natural-born leaders with a deep sense of responsibility but they can be insensitive at times which the compassionate iSFPs find hard to neglect.

ISFP and ENTP Relationship

ISFP-ENTP Compatibility: 14%

The ISFP and ENTP relationship is a unique one that is often full of surprises because these two personality types are very different from one another.

ISFPs are carefree and sensitive individuals, while ENTPs are more logical and analytical. However, both types are usually very adaptable and can often find a way to make things work between them.

ISFPs are sensitive people who place importance on their relationships whereas ENTPs are rational people who use logic as their guiding principle. They are often open-minded and willing to try new things, but they are selective about it.

ISFP and ENTJ Relationship

ISFP-ENTJ Compatibility: 6%

ENTJs are the ISFP worst match and it is hard for these two personality types to find common ground and build a lasting connection.

ENTJs are known for their drive and ambition, while ISFPs are more creative and spontaneous. On the surface, it may seem like these two types have nothing in common. However, both ISFPs and ENTJs are passionate about making the most of every experience.

ENTJs have the worst compatibility with ISFPs because of the differences in their communication style. The hesitation these two have in interacting with each other can be challenging but it does not have to be a deal breaker.


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