7 Major ENTP Weaknesses & How to Manage Them (2024)

Every personality has their share of weaknesses, things they are not good at or that they struggle with.

Understanding our weaknesses can help us in overcoming them and it can also help us to build on our strengths and become better, more well-rounded people.

Two of the worst ENTP weaknesses are that they are easily distracted and impractical.

ENTP Weaknesses

1. Distractible

People with the ENTP personality are prone to distractions and struggle to focus on a single task or project over a long period of time.

They are explorers at heart, craving new experiences, and they always look forward to seeking new avenues of exploration and knowledge. 

The ENTP weakness is that sometimes those explorations take them too far away from what they should be focusing on or doing right now.

Due to the presence of Extraverted Intuition (Ne) as their core function, ENTPs are curious to learn new things and are prone to distractions.

How to Deal With it

  • One of the best ways to deal with this potential problem area is to recognize when you are being distracted and subdue the triggers.
  • ENTPs should make a list of the tasks they need to execute that day and should try to stick to that schedule as much as possible.
  • They can also get the better of this problematic characteristic by breaking down big projects into smaller bits so that they are not bored and thereby distracted.

2. Impractical 

ENTPs are creative thinkers who are fascinated by the world but they often tend to ignore the practical aspect of things in life.

Since they have a preference of the Intuitive (N) over the Sensing trait, they prefer acting on their intuitions instead of making in-depth plans and getting bogged down with details.

An ENTP personality weakness is that they enjoy coming up with new ideas and sharing them with others but may not be so good at actually making things happen.

How to Deal With it

  • To overcome this ENTP problem, they should first set short term and realistic goals for themselves so that fulfilling these goals gives them the required boost in confidence.
  • They should avoid taking up multiple tasks at a time because it reduces their efficiency as well as the quality of the work.
  • Lastly, another way to tackle this personality weakness is by setting up a routine and strictly adhering to it.

3. Procrastination 

Although ENTPs are creative and spontaneous, they are also known for procrastinating on things which is a negative quality that can be detrimental to their success.

They have a preference of the Perceiving (P) trait over the Judging (J) trait, because of which they tend to delay acting on anything that is not urgent.

ENTPs have a problem with finishing tasks on time and sticking to deadlines which causes conflicts and can also lead to problems in their personal and professional lives.

How to Deal With it

  • In order to deal with procrastination, they must first identify the cause of the procrastination and then accordingly find a solution to address it.
  • This ENTP personality weakness can also be dealt with by dividing the project into small doable tasks and promising themselves rewards for completing each task.
  • ENTPs can also try setting up deadlines for motivation and should hold themselves accountable in case they miss the deadline.

4. Quarrelsome

People with the ENTP personality enjoy discussing and debating ideas but this does not work out well for them as they get aggressive in defending their opinion and may cause arguments.

ENTPs have a preference of the Thinking (T) trait over the Feeling trait, which pushes them to defend their rational opinions against some of the non-logical ones.

They are opinionated and can be tough to get along with, which is an ENTP weakness at work because they may be perceived as someone who is always looking to pick a fight.

How to Deal With it

  • The primary cause of arguments is the difference of opinion among people, and to avoid it, the best method is to understand the other person’s point of view and be open to compromise.
  • There is room for improvement if ENTPs try to be open-minded and listen to their opinion before defending their own.
  • They should make sure that the other person feels they are being heard, as it will keep the conversation going in a positive direction.

5. Hard-Hearted

The ENTP personality types are often seen as hard-hearted or insensitive, and they are the most likely to be considered rude by those around them.

Since they have a preference of the Thinking (T) trait over the Feeling counterpart, they are swayed away by rationale and are often inconsiderate of other people’s emotions.

People think that lack of compassion is the root of their insensitivity but instead, they are so focused on factual data that they tend to overlook emotions.

How to Deal With it

  • To overcome this ENTP negative trait, they need to be aware of their own emotions in the first place and how they affect the people around them.
  • They also need to work on their listening skills so that they can be more empathetic to other people’s points of view.
  • Another way to get a grip on this ENTP flaw is to not take any statement personally and avoid reacting emotionally.

6. Monotony

People with the ENTP personality are not fans of monotony, like to keep things exciting and are always looking for new and exciting experiences.

One of the major ENTP problems is that they can be very hard to work with in a repetitive work space because they feel exhausted doing the same task over and over.

They are the most pragmatic of all personality types and are also the most likely to be stressed out working routine or unexciting jobs.

How to Deal With it

  • To deal with this weakness and achieve personal growth, ENTPs should spice up their life and introduce some changes within the workplace if they are feeling stuck in a boring job.
  • Another way to get over monotony is to try changing their environment and move out to a bigger city that is more happening.
  • They can also try to transform routine tasks into interesting challenges so that they do not get bored doing them.

7. Unreliable

Even though ENTPs have an unbelievable amount of creative energy and are excellent problem solvers, they are often unpredictable and unreliable.

ENTPs have a preference of the Perceiving (P) trait over the Judging (J) trait making them free-flowing and spontaneous but this quality may backfire due to the absence of an appropriate plan.

Although known for being resourceful, quick thinking, and adaptable, ENTPs under stress may overcommit and take up multiple projects at a time which is exhaustive and eventually causes burnout.

How to Deal With it

  • The first and foremost way to be more reliable and trustworthy is to be truthful and complete projects that you commit to or take up.
  • ENTPs should also focus on managing commitments, take up selective projects, and use discretion while making promises.
  • Another way to tackle this weakness for ENTPs is to respect their own time as well as other people’s time and make sure they fulfill promises on the dot.


What is ENTPs weakest function?

The weakest function that ENTPs need to overcome is actually introverted sensing which means that they can be easily overwhelmed by sensory input and can have a hard time focusing on one task at a time.

What do ENTPs struggle with?

ENTPs struggle with completing projects which is a negative personality trait. It’s not that they don’t want to do them, but they get so excited about starting a new project that they forget the steps in between.

What do ENTPs fear the most?

ENTPs are known for their fearlessness and ability to take risks, but they tend to fear failure and rejection the most. They also fear change and being alone. 

What annoys the ENTPs the most?

ENTPs are annoyed the most by people who constantly criticize them, tell them to relax or take it easy and people who do not appreciate their creative ideas.

What is the dark side of ENTPs?

The dark side of ENTPs is that they can be impulsive and reckless, and their visionary thinking can sometimes lead them down dark and dangerous paths. 

What annoys people about ENTPs?

The negative ENTP characteristic that annoys people about them is that they may be insensitive to the needs of others and can be quick to anger.

What are ENTPs misunderstood as?

ENTPs may be misunderstood as someone who is constantly trying to stir up trouble or is never truly satisfied with anything because they are spontaneous people who jump projects often.

What stresses out ENTPs the most?

The two things that primarily cause stress to the ENTPs are opting for a career that does not offer a creative outlet and conflicts with family members because they are defiant and eccentric.

How to improve ENTP weaknesses?

ENTPs can improve on their personality weaknesses by focusing on one thing at a time, resisting procrastination and suppressing their urge to debate with everyone.

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