7 Major ESFJ Strengths & How to Maximize Them (2024)

Knowing your personality strengths allows you to thrive in your personal and professional life. Even though we cannot be good at everything, honing our positive traits will take us closer to our soul’s purpose.

The most prominent ESFJ strengths are their practical approach to life and their strong sense of responsibility.

ESFJ Strengths

1. Practical Skills

One of the greatest ESFJ talents is their practical approach to their circumstances. They easily manage day-to-day activities and rely on their common sense to overcome their obstacles.

This ESFJ strength stems from the sensing (S) trait of their personality. These individuals focus on what can be detected through their bodily senses without letting their emotions step in the way.

This ESFJ gift appears when working with tools such as saws, hammers, and chisels to create a variety of different wooden structures and objects, including furniture, buildings, and other items.

How to Maximize it

  • ESFJs can thrive with this strength to provide valuable services to their customers, helping them to grow their businesses over time.
  • This personality strength allows ESFJs to solve their everyday problems more effectively without feeling discouraged by their changing emotions.
  • This positive trait helps ESFJs to take care of their loved ones, so they can put this strength to good use by helping others.

2. Highly Responsible

Another ESFJ talent is their strong sense of responsibility. They do the right thing and follow their core values when making decisions, a trait that stems from the judging (J) side of their personality. This makes them structured, organized, and fond of tradition.

This is a particularly positive ESFJ strength at work. Their sense of duty encourages them to meet all their commitments and social expectations without delay.

ESFJs are dedicated to protecting their own well-being and that of their community and can go to great lengths to do so. That’s why their work colleagues trust them with the most demanding tasks.

How to Maximize it

  • These individuals can thrive on this ESFJ skill by managing important social gatherings or businesses, as they inspire others to achieve their goals quickly.
  • This ESFJ strength is most rewarding when they are pursuing an ambitious goal that helps their work team thrive.
  • These individuals could express this trait when working as firefighters, as their strong sense of duty drives them to serve others and help keep their community safe.

3. Devoted

Another ESFJ positive trait is their loyal character. These individuals value security and stability, making them incredibly trustworthy friends and partners. 

This positive characteristic also stems from the judging (J) side of their personalities that prompts them to stick to formal decisions. This is a particularly good ESFJ strength in relationships, as they stick to their love affairs through thick and thin.

ESFJs are also loyal employees at a company who has consistently shown dedication and commitment to their job, even when faced with challenges or difficult situations.

How to Maximize it

  • These individuals could thrive on this ESFJ superpower by committing to ambitious projects in the companies they work in. 
  • This ESFJ strength is most rewarding when they engage in stablished, long-term relationships.
  • Since ESFJs are responsible, other people trust them, making them respectable members of their communities.

4. Compassionate

Another ESFJ personality strength is their sensitive and warm nature. They take into consideration other people’s feelings and avoid hurting them with their opinions and comments.

This is considered the greatest strength of an ESFJ for most people, as it softens the most rigid sides of their character. This trait stems from the feeling (F) side of their personalities, which helps them put in the other person’s shoes easily.

They are good friends who always go out of their way to make others feel welcome and supported.

How to Maximize it

  • These individuals can thrive on this natural strength by establishing intimate and solid relationships with their friends and colleagues.
  • This ESFJ strength is most rewarding when they meet new people, as they make others feel welcomed and supported.
  • They can express this positive quality in jobs that require them to connect with others, such as nursing or counseling.

5. Strong social skills

Another positive personality trait displayed by these personalities is their ability to connect with others. They feel comfortable in social settings, and other people enjoy their company. ESFJ have a strong need to belong, driving them to nurture all their relationships.

This positive characteristic stems from the extrovert (E) side of their personality. These individuals like to be around people and are well-liked by the majority.

This good personality trait may appear when talking in public or pursuing political positions. They can connect with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. ESFJs might have the ability to listen attentively to others, understand their needs and concerns, and communicate with them in a way that is relatable and genuine.

How to Maximize it

  • ESFJs can thrive on this trait by connecting with different people to help them expand their businesses.
  • This personality trait is most rewarding when ESFJs meet other members of their community, as they are skilled at building relationships and forming connections with others.
  • This personality strength helps them progress in careers such as teachers, coaches, mentors, or counselors as they are able to create positive and meaningful connections with those they work with.

6. Helpful

ESFJ thrives at helping other people. They are not selfish and will not stand idly by and do nothing when encountering someone in need of a helping hand. 

This special gift stems from the feeling (F) side of their personality, making them empathetic and sensitive to other people’s struggles.

This personality strength appears when their neighbors need ESFJs help. They are the one who shovels the snow off of an elderly neighbor’s driveway, mows the lawn for a single mother who is struggling to keep up with household chores, or offers to babysit for a family in need. 

How to Maximize it

  • ESFJ can thrive with this trait when they become involved in their community instead of staying cooped up at home.
  • This positive trait is most rewarding when they work in teams, as they consider other people’s input and knowledge in their tasks.
  • This personality strength helps them establish fulfilling relationships, as they are willing to lend a listening ear or offer advice and support to those who are going through a difficult time.

7. Detail-oriented

This ESFJ core strength makes them organized and efficient, especially at work. They don’t miss any mistakes and ensure the final outcome of their projects is flawless, which allows ESFJ to flourish in their career path.

This strength stems from the sensing (S) trait of their personality, helping them focus on what they perceive with their sharp senses.

This trait gives energy to ESFJ at work, as they are meticulous and thorough, paying attention to even the smallest details in order to produce high-quality results.

How to Maximize it

  • ESFJs can thrive on this trait by helping their colleagues solve their work struggles and ensure the most optimal results on their tasks.
  • This trait is most rewarding when they are able to identify and correct errors in their work tasks that could have significant consequences for a company.
  • This trait is great for reviewing and analyzing complex financial data. This person might be known for their ability to spot errors and inconsistencies in financial records, and they might take great care to ensure that all calculations are accurate and all information is presented in a clear and concise manner.


What is ESFJs strongest function?

The ESFJs strongest function is their strong sense of practicality and duty.

What makes ESFJs special? 

What makes ESFJs special is their ability to connect with other people and help them in whatever thay can.

What is the best trait ESFJs have? 

The best trait of ESFJs is their loyal and warm character.

What are ESFJs naturally good at? 

ESFJs are naturally good at spotting mistakes and delivering flawless results.

What do ESFJs value the most? 

ESFJs value the most their sense of belonging and relationships.

What is attractive about ESFJs? 

What is attractive about ESFJs is their ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes.

How smart are ESFJs? 

ESFJs are very smart, thanks to their practical skills.

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