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ISTJ Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

ISTJs are reserved and practical individuals with high intellect and value consistency in their life.

The ISTJ compatibility is the highest with the personality types that share their practical and detail-oriented approach to life. The best match for ISTJ is ISFJ, in addition to another ISTJ.

ISTJ Compatibility Chart

Best MatchISTJ96%
Good MatchINTJ85%
Bad MatchINFJ53%
Worst MatchINFP21%

Best Match for ISTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ISTJs are ISFJs and other ISTJs. (1)

In any relationship, it is important to understand your partner’s personality type, how their traits get along with your traits and how compatible the two of you are.

The ISTJ best matches with whom they have the best compatibility with have a few traits in common. 

They are both introverts who rely on the information intaken through their senses instead of following their instincts wildly. Another trait shared by both of them is that they value routine, consistency, and stable life.

ISTJ and ISTJ Relationship

ISTJ-ISTJ Compatibility: 96%

ISTJs are practical and reliable individuals who tend to think analytically without being influenced by emotions and they also need plenty of alone time to recharge.

They are considered one of the most loyal of all personality types and they stick by their close ones in moments when they are feeling low. 

The best partner for ISTJs is another ISTJ because they do not have to fear that their efforts will not be reciprocated and they also do not have to justify spending time alone and why they need personal space.

ISTJ and ISFJ Relationship

ISTJ-ISFJ Compatibility: 93%

ISFJs are an ISTJ ideal match as both types are highly loyal and reliable, and they place a high value on tradition and stability.

ISTJs are calm, logical and practical individuals who value order and tradition, preferring to work with what has worked in the past rather than constantly trying new things. 

ISFJs on the other hand are focused on the present and stable too but they are a bit gentler than the objective ISTJ. Their practicality helps soothe the fears of ISFJs, making them feel safe and secure in a relationship.

Good Match for ISTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ISTJs are INTJs, ESTJs, ISTPs, ESFJs, and ENTJs. (1)

ISTJ are practical, logical, and efficient individuals that like to plan and organize, and they are generally pretty good at it.

The ISTJ compatibility is pretty high with personality types who are logical and have the same level of intellect as them.

They also tend to have good compatibility with people who share a liking for routine and are consistent at whatever they choose to do.

ISTJ and INTJ Relationship

ISTJ-INTJ Compatibility: 85%

These two are the best match for a romantic relationship and this relationship is likely to be a long and lasting one, with both partners working hard to maintain it.

ISTJs tend to intake information through their senses, whereas INTJs are more of the imaginative type preferring to trust their instincts.

Both types are introverted, meaning they are more interested in their own thoughts and ideas than in socializing. However, they are both also very analytical and logical, so they are able to understand and respect each other’s thought processes. 

ISTJ and ESTJ Relationship

ISTJ-ESTJ Compatibility: 79%

ISTJs are thoughtful and sensible people who are good at taking care of others. They enjoy following the rules and want everything in their life to be organized and structured. 

ESTJs enjoy being around someone who is consistent and organized and they also appreciate having someone take care of the details in their life so that they are not the only ones stressing over it.

An ESTJ is the perfect partner for ISTJs because they both respect each other’s opinions on what is right or wrong and ISTJs also appreciate their partner’s ability to take care of the practical matters and be available for them.

ISTJ and ISTP Relationship

ISTJ-ISTP Compatibility: 78%

ISTPs make it to the list of top ISTJ matches as both these types are introverted and rely on concrete information consumed through their senses instead of blindly following their gut.

When it comes to relationships, these two are very different personality types. ISTJs are logical and practical, while ISTPs are more spontaneous and impulsive. 

However, these differences can actually complement each other quite well and this relationship can be a very supportive and enriching one, as long as both types are patient and willing to communicate openly with each other.

ISTJ and ESFJ Relationship

ISTJ-ESFJ Compatibility: 71%

The ISTJ personality compatibility is high with ESFJs due to the reason that both these types are known for their loyalty and dedication to those they love which is also evident in the way they interact with one another.

ISTJs are introspective and play the role of the quiet and rational partner in the relationship, while ESFJs are known for their outgoing nature and warmth. 

This combination can be a very supportive and fulfilling one, provided both parties are willing to work together and communicate openly.

ISTJ and ENTJ Relationship

ISTJ-ENTJ Compatibility: 66%

ISTJs are quiet and logical people who like to plan their lives and prefer to stick to routine. ENTJs are extroverted, task-oriented, like to be in control and are always looking for ways to improve.

While they may seem like polar opposites at first glance, in fact there are many similarities between these two types which makes ENTJs the best match for ISTJ females.

Both ISTJs and ENTJs are thinkers with a focus on logic and facts. They both are consistent individuals that follow a set of guiding principles they believe in strongly, and they rely on their own personal experience as the basis for making decisions.

Bad Match for ISTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ISTJs are INFJs, INTPs, and ISFPs. (1)

ISTJs like things to be orderly and they are pretty good at following rules and procedures which can also make them a bit inflexible and set in their ways. This is why an ISTJ is most compatible with people who share their values.

They have weak compatibility with those who are too sensitive or spontaneous, as they are analytical people who prefer sticking to what they know best.

ISTJ and INFJ Relationship

ISTJ-INFJ Compatibility: 53%

On the surface, it may seem like these two types are very different in many ways, but they also share some key similarities which is why INFJs are the best match for ISTJ females.

ISTJs are logical, analytical and like to stick to facts and concrete details, while INFJs are emotional, intuitive and prefer to focus on the big picture.

However, when you dig a little deeper into these two types, it is evident that they share interests and personality traits like they are both introspective and like planning everything out beforehand and sticking to it.

ISTJ and INTP Relationship

ISTJ-INTP Compatibility: 51%

Although both these personality types are very independent and logical, they approach life from very different angles. 

ISTJs are steadfast, determined and loyal individuals who take an active role in ensuring the stability and effectiveness of all systems around them. They are organized, methodical and are often seen as the stabilizing force in the relationship

On the other hand INTPs are more interested in the bigger picture instead of being occupied with the details. Contrary to the stability of ISTJs, they are spontaneous and impulsive which brings balance to the relationship and makes them potential ISTJ soulmates.

ISTJ and ISFP Relationship

ISTJ-ISFP Compatibility: 47%

ISTJs are practical, matter-of-fact types who prefer to plan beforehand and then execute it accordingly. They are extremely loyal, hard working and conscientious. 

ISFPs are creative and sensitive in nature and enjoy spending time alone or with close friends. They value diversity and are spontaneous or free flowing, which can lead to an interesting dynamic between these two personality types.

They are similar in some aspects like being detail oriented and reserved whereas different in some which creates a balanced relationship and makes ISFPs the best match for ISTJ males.

Worst Match for ISTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ISTJs are INFPs, ESTPs, ENFJs, ENTPs, ESFPs, and ENFPs. (1)

ISTJs are reserved, hard-working and practical people who value order and tradition. They are probably not the most spontaneous or outgoing person in the world, and they like things to be done a certain way. 

This is why people who are constantly changing their mind, or are always pushing the envelope are not the best match for ISTJs.

As they are introverts, they also find it hard to get along with extremely outgoing personality types and have the worst compatibility with them.

ISTJ and INFP Relationship

ISTJ-INFP Compatibility: 21%

People with the ISTJ personality are detail-oriented and practical individuals who think logically, like sticking to their plans and see the world as black and white.

On the other hand, INFPs are compassionate dreamers who focus on the bigger picture instead of being obsessed with details and view the world as an ocean of possibilities.

An INFPs unique approach to life can be very inspiring and uplifting and they can be compatible with ISTJs but only if they understand where they are coming from.

ISTJ and ESTP Relationship

ISTJ-ESTP Compatibility: 20%

They have different approaches to life and ESTPs might not be the ones ISTJs are most compatible with but they can still manage to find common ground.

The difference between these two types is dramatic as ISTJs are introverted and action-oriented people who prefer sticking to what they are used to whereas ESTPs are more contemplative and outgoing and enjoy exploring the unknown.

However, they both share a logical mind, a rational approach, a desire to understand the world around them and make contributions through their actions.

ISTJ and ENFJ Relationship

ISTJ-ENFJ Compatibility: 18%

ENFJ are not an ISTJ romantic match as both types tend to be quite headstrong and set in their ways. 

ISTJs are introverted and realistic thinkers who are observant of the details and always focused on what is significant in that particular moment. ENFJs are warm and compassionate extroverts who are attentive to the emotions of everyone around them and strive to help those in distress.

The quality shared by both is that they are decisive and meticulous. Hence, they are able to provide stability and security making this relationship a great source of support and encouragement for both partners.

ISTJ and ENTP Relationship

ISTJ-ENTP Compatibility: 11%

These two are considered poles apart and ENTPs might not be the right ISTJ match. ISTJs are known for their practicality and ability to stick to their plans, while ENTPs are known for their creativity and charisma.

ISTJs can help ENTPs to focus and organize their ideas, while ENTPs can help ISTJs to be more spontaneous and see the potential in new ideas.

Each type has a lot to offer the other, and both can learn a great deal from one another. With a little understanding and patience, this relationship can be a source of great growth and fulfillment for both.

ISTJ and ESFP Relationship

ISTJ-ESFP Compatibility: 8%

ISTJs are known for their practicality, sense of duty and awareness of their surroundings, while ESFPs are known for their creativity, warm nature and sense of fun.

ESFPs could be a bit too outgoing, sensitive and spontaneous for the introverted and logic oriented ISTJs who prefer abiding by the route they are accustomed to.

This relationship is difficult to navigate and ESFPs are not the best personality type for ISTJs but together they can create a well-rounded and balanced team.

ISTJ and ENFP Relationship

ISTJ-ENFP Compatibility: 4%

ISTJs are least compatible with ENFPs and there are some areas of potential difficulty that they should be aware of before entering into a partnership.

These two are completely unalike as ISTJs are introverted and realistic thinkers who prefer a stable lifestyle whereas ENFPs are outgoing and intuitive feelers who enjoy exploring the unknown.

While these two types may have so much to give each other, ENFPs are still the ISTJ worst match because their needs may not always be met in this partnership. It is important for both types to understand what their partner brings to the table, but also what they need from them in order to feel fulfilled.


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