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ISTP Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

A relationship is a close connection between two people, irrespective of whether it is with someone who is a friend, family, or romantic partner. 

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to forming a relationship with another person, and ISTP compatibility is highest with people who are a bit reserved and completely practical or logical.

The best match for ISTPs is an INTP in addition to another ISTP.

ISTP Compatibility Chart

Best MatchISTP96%
Good MatchINTJ78%
Bad MatchINFP49%
Worst MatchINFJ23%

Best Match for ISTP

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ISTPs are INTPs and other ISTPs. (1)

As we know, people with the ISTP personality are reserved, logical individuals who get along with similar people and have the best compatibility with other introverted thinkers.

Both ISTPs and INTPs are the perfect partners for ISTPs because they both embrace spontaneity and have Introverted thinking as their dominant function.

If ISTPs get into a relationship with another ISTP or an INTP, they could be found preoccupied with their own thoughts and constantly puzzling over new ideas or concepts.

ISTP and ISTP Relationship

ISTP-ISTP Compatibility: 96%

ISTPs are known for their independent nature, logical mind, and practical approach to life. They crave the freedom to do their own thing, make their own decisions, and have control over their lives.

The reason why an ISTP is most compatible with another ISTP is that they are both practical, fun-loving individuals who live in the moment and respect each other’s personal space.

When both people in a relationship share the same personality, they have a natural understanding of their partner, which makes it easier for the relationship to work.

ISTP and INTP Relationship

ISTP-INTP Compatibility: 81%

Both types are highly independent and often view the world differently, but there is potential for a strong and lasting bond between these two types.

INTPs are more analytical than ISTPs, and they excel at finding solutions to problems but are not that good at executing these solutions.

Whereas ISTPs are excellent at looking at the bigger picture, thinking through issues from all possible angles before making a decision and putting plans into execution.

INTPs are an ideal ISTP love match because they respect each other’s abilities and are highly compatible.

Good Match for ISTP

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ISTPs are INTJs, ISTJs, ISFPs, ISFJs, ESTPs, and ESTJs. (1)

The two most essential qualities an ISTP looks for in their potential partner is that they are reserved and practical.

All the personalities in this list either have a preference of the Introversion trait or the thinking trait.

They may not seem like an ISTP ideal match or the personalities ISTPs are most compatible with, but they still possess the potential to build a long-term relationship with them.

ISTP and INTJ Relationship

ISTP-INTJ Compatibility: 78%

An ISTP is a doer who often takes charge of tasks and situations with their hands-on approach to life, whereas an INTJ is a strategist who sees all the angles of every situation and works diligently to devise the best long-term plan.

Together, these two types can create a balanced partnership where each partner can take on the roles that they are most suited for. 

INTJs are an ISTP romantic match because the ability of an INTJ to keep an eye on the future perfectly complements ISTP’s ability to focus on what’s important in the present moment.

ISTP and ISTJ Relationship

ISTP-ISTJ Compatibility: 78%

Regarding relationships, ISTPs are more spontaneous and adventurous, while ISTJs are more responsible and down-to-earth. However, these differences can actually harmonize with each other quite well.

ISTPs are more flexible than ISTJs and are not tied down by rules or expectations, allowing them to be more spontaneous and versatile in their decisions.

An ISTJ is the best match for ISTP females because they enjoy taking risks and bringing excitement to the relationship, while ISTJs have a strong sense of caution that provides stability, and together, they create a balanced relationship.

ISTP and ISFP Relationship

ISTP-ISFP Compatibility: 76%

ISTPs are logical and analytical, while ISFPs are creative and sensitive. However, there are actually a lot of ways in which these two personality types can complement each other.

ISTPs are logical, realistic, and good at taking care of business. In contrast, ISFPs are creative, imaginative, and emotional. They see everything in terms of art instead of logic.

ISFPs may not be the perfect ISTP match, but ISTPs appreciate that ISFPs see life differently than they do. This allows for a more balanced perspective which is always appreciated by the ISTP.

ISTP and ISFJ Relationship

ISTP-ISFJ Compatibility: 62%

Both these personality types value family, are very loyal and trustworthy and have a strong sense of duty, but there are certain differences in their personalities too.

ISTPs are often drawn to ISFJs because of their warm and compassionate nature. ISFJs are often drawn to ISTPs because of their independent and adventurous spirit. Together, these two types can create a very well-rounded relationship that works in harmony.

ISTPs are often seen as cold and aloof, while ISFJs are seen as warm and nurturing and they may not be the best partner for ISTP but these two types can actually complement each other very well.

ISTP and ESTP Relationship

ISTP-ESTP Compatibility: 62%

The ISTP and ESTP relationship is one that is built on trust and respect. Both types are highly independent and value their freedom, but they also know how to compromise and work together when necessary.

ESTPs enjoy taking chances, exploring new things and meeting new people whereas ISTPs  prefer solitary activities more than social interactions.

This relationship can be a great source of support and adventure as they both have good compatibility and it is sure to keep both partners on their toes.

ISTP and ESTJ Relationship

ISTP-ESTJ Compatibility: 55%

Both these personality types think logically and are always up for new experiences, but there are certain differences between them that may hamper their relationship.

ESTJs have a lot in common with their ISTP partner and they are the best match for a romantic relationship but ESTPs may need to work a little harder to understand them. 

ISTPs are not the most communicative person and they want to be in control of the situation, which can cause some issues in relationships if ESTJs do not play along.

Bad Match for ISTP

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ISTPs are INFPs, ENTJs, ENTPs, and ESFPs. (1)

These personalities do not have the potential to be ISTP soulmates because ISTPs are reserved, have a small social circle and are not big fans of constant social interactions.

When it comes to decision-making, the ISTP is fiercely objective and analytical which does not sit well with some of the gentler or warmer personality types.

Although these personalities tend to get along with ISTPs at first, they are not the best personality type for ISTPs.

ISTP and INFP Relationship

ISTP-INFP Compatibility: 49%

Both these personalities have different ways of expressing themselves, as the ISTP is more action-oriented, while the INFP may be more emotionally expressive.

An INFP might not be the best match for ISTPs but both these personality types are reserved, laidback and adaptable.

Although they have similarities and start off well, the ISTP compatibility with INFPs is not the highest because they tend to be more warm and sensitive, whereas the ISTPs are always objective and rational.

ISTP and ENTJ Relationship

ISTP-ENTJ Compatibility: 41%

ISTPs are often drawn to ENTJs because of their confidence and ambition. ENTJs, on the other hand, are attracted to ISTPs for their independent streak and their ability to think outside the box.

The only trait they have in common is the thinking trait which means that both these types are logic oriented and practical.

People with the ENTJ personality are not perfectly compatible with ISTPs because they are reserved and tend to speak through actions that may make ENTJs feel that their partner is hiding something.

ISTP and ENTP Relationship

ISTP-ENTP Compatibility: 35%

The ISTP and ENTP are two types that share similarities in their thinking processes, their desire to explore new possibilities and they both enjoy coming up with new ideas.

The difference is that while the ENTP plans might be open ended, the ISTPs strictly adhere to their plans, schedules and want to make sure everything is executed efficiently.

ENTPs have weak compatibility with ISTPs because they are social beings whereas ISTPs are kinda reserved and also that they do not want to be bogged down with details or tied to regulations by the ISTPs.

ISTP and ESFP Relationship

ISTP-ESFP Compatibility: 26%

The ISTP is an introvert who enjoys their alone time. They are independent and don’t need to be taken care of by others, but they also value the security that comes from being in a relationship. 

The ESFP is an extrovert who loves having fun with others and is not afraid to take risks. They live life spontaneously and want to see what’s coming next.

ESFPs do not make it to the list of top ISTP matches because the two of them have very different ways of approaching life. The ISTP is more likely to be the silent type, while the ESFP is more likely to be the life of the party. 

Worst Match for ISTP

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ISTPs are INFJs, ESFJs, ENFPs, and ENFJs. (1)

People who have a preference of feeling trait are ISTP worst matches because ISTPs are analytical thinkers who make every decision based on factual data and do not get influenced by emotions.

The ISTP personality compatibility is lowest with feelers as they may be too emotional for ISTPs and ISTPs may be too insensitive or rational for them.

For example, in case of an emergency situation these personality types may think emotionally, whereas ISTPs are the ones to make decisions backed by pure logic.

ISTP and INFJ Relationship

ISTP-INFJ Compatibility: 23%

The ISTP and INFJ relationship is not a perfect one as these two personality types are very different from each other, but they can actually complement each other very well.

ISTPs are analytical, while INFJs are compassionate which can be a great combination, as the ISTP can help the INFJ to see things more clearly, and the INFJ can help the ISTP to feel more connected to others.

However, an INFJ is not the ISTP best match as the ISTP will likely not be very considerate and sensitive, while the INFJ won’t be interested in dealing with logical matters.

ISTP and ESFJ Relationship

ISTP-ESFJ Compatibility: 19%

The ISTP is an industrious person who lives in the moment and prefers to go with the flow rather than have any long-term plans or goals.

They are spontaneous and enjoy taking risks because it makes life more interesting and are also very independent individuals who want nothing more than to be free from constraints and rules.

On the other hand the ESFJ is a loyal and warm-hearted individual who values consistency and stability in their relationships and lives. 

The ISTP personality type compatibility is low with the ESFJs because of these significant differences in their personalities.

ISTP and ENFP Relationship

ISTP-ENFP Compatibility: 14%

ENFPs are one of the personalities that ISTPs are least compatible with because ENFPs are imaginative individuals who love exploring new ideas while ISTPs are action-oriented individuals.

ENFPs are social beings that love taking input from others whereas ISTPs are not interested in talking about what could be or how things should go, but rather want to make them happen.

ENFPs are very interested in exploring the world with their partners but the ISTPs struggle at it because of their independent nature.

ISTP and ENFJ Relationship

ISTP-ENFJ Compatibility: 9%

ISTPs are known for their practicality and logic, while ENFJs are known for their warmth and compassion, which is why they have the worst compatibility, but this relationship may work if they are willing to work on it.

ISTP values being independent over everything else, which means that they probably do not want their partner to interfere with their personal space or control. 

They may even be uncomfortable with your partner being too close to you at times because ENFJs may want more intimacy than what they are getting which makes ISTPs feel trapped.


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