ENFJ Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

Life is nothing but the relationships we form over the period of our existence. It is normal to be perfectly compatible with some and not so much with others.

ENFJs are extremely outgoing and compassionate individuals who leave no stone unturned to help somebody out. 

Therefore, the ENFJ compatibility is highest with other compassionate extroverts and the best match for ENFJ is ENFP.

ENFJ Compatibility Chart

Best MatchENFP91%
Good MatchINFJ74%
Bad MatchENTJ42%
Worst MatchESTJ22%

Best Match for ENFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ENFJs are ENFPs, ESFPs, and other ENFJs. (1)

An ENFJ is most compatible with these three personalities because they are outgoing, love engaging socially, and have the same communication style as the ENFJs.

The second quality common in all these personalities is that they are feelers which means that while making a decision, they take into consideration the feelings of everyone involved.

Overall, we can come to the conclusion that ENFJ’s best matches are extroverts who are compassionate and loving like them. 

ENFJ and ENFP Relationship

ENFJ-ENFP Compatibility: 91%

The ENFJ and ENFP relationship is one that is full of potential as both of these types are highly intuitive and creative, and they are often drawn to each other because of their shared values and interests.

Both these personalities believe in sharing life experiences together, which is why they have the best compatibility.

ENFJs want to experience everything with their significant other, including the good and bad. ENFPs are the best partner for ENFJs

because they also like going on adventures, trying different foods and experiencing different cultures with their partners, as it creates a feeling of excitement and exhilaration that they enjoy.

ENFJ and ENFJ Relationship

ENFJ-ENFJ Compatibility: 86%

ENFJs are outgoing, compassionate people who are passionate about making a difference in the world and are often drawn to relationships that allow them to share their ideals and values with others.

They make loyal and supportive partners, but ENFJs can also be high-maintenance and demanding for other personality types.

ENFJs are most compatible with other ENFJs because they are equally sensitive to each other’s feelings and have a natural understanding because of the reason that they share the same personality.

ENFJ and ESFP Relationship

ENFJ-ESFP Compatibility: 80%

ESFPs tend to be potential  ENFJ soulmates, as both types are known for being warm, loving, and supportive.

They are both sensitive and social beings so they are aware of each other’s needs in the relationship as well as have no trouble voicing their own needs.

Conflict may arise because of ENFJs desire for organization and ESFPs dislike of it. The ESFP enjoys living in the moment, while their partner wants everything to have a place and be organized.

Good Match for ENFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ENFJs are INFJs, ENTPs, INFPs, and ESFJs. (1)

The ENFJ personality type compatibility may not be the highest with these personalities on paper, but these personalities are compatible enough with ENFJs to form a relationship with them.

The two qualities that ENFJs look for in their partners are that they are outgoing and compassionate. 

All the personality types on this list are either extremely outgoing or compassionate people who always strive for the best interest of others.

ENFJ and INFJ Relationship

ENFJ-INFJ Compatibility: 74%

The ENFJ and INFJ relationship is one that is often described as a match made in heaven.

An INFJ is compatible with ENFJ because they have a deep understanding of one another and are able to communicate and connect on a very intimate level.

While the ENFJ and INFJ relationship can be a beautiful and fulfilling one, it is not without its challenges.

These two types can sometimes butt heads due to their different approaches to life and their different ways of processing information. 

ENFJ and ENTP Relationship

ENFJ-ENTP Compatibility: 73%

The ENFJ and ENTP relationship is one that is full of excitement and possibility. 

The ENFJ compatibility with ENTP is good as both types are outgoing and like to explore or experiment together.

Although both these personalities are intuitive extroverts, the ENTPs might be too objective and spontaneous at times, whereas the ENFJs might be too emotional for them.

This relationship can also have its share of conflicts and misunderstanding, but the key to a successful relationship between these two types is respect for each other’s way of functioning. 

ENFJ and INFP Relationship

ENFJ-INFP Compatibility: 73%

The ENFJ and INFP relationship is often filled with compassion and understanding as both these personality types are introverted feeling types.

INFPs are an ENFJ love match because INFPs appreciate the compassion and warmth of ENFJs and are able to trust them completely. 

INFPs are on the list of top ENFJ matches as the trust allows both partners to focus more on understanding each other rather than trying to understand themselves.

ENFJ and ESFJ Relationship

ENFJ-ESFJ Compatibility: 64%

ESFJs are one of the best matches for ENFJs, as both personality types are known for being very loving, supportive, and protective of their partners. 

They are also great communicators, so there is no reason to worry about miscommunication in their relationship.

However, relationships with ENFJs and ESFJs aren’t without their challenges as these types can be very busy individuals who have a lot going on in their lives, which means they may not always have as much time for you as they would like to.

Bad Match for ENFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ENFJs are ENTJs, ESTPs, ISFPs, INTPs, and ISFJs. (1)

Although the personalities on this list might be able to form an initial connection with ENFJs, they are not an ENFJ relationship match and find it hard to convert that spark into a long-lasting bond.

ENFJs want their partners to be loving, sensitive and socially engaging, and if they lack one or all of these qualities, they are incompatible with them.

These personality types share some traits with the ENFJs, but the differences in their personalities overpower their similarities.

ENFJ and ENTJ Relationship

ENFJ-ENTJ Compatibility: 42%

These two personality types are known for being assertive, driven, and their relationship can be both amazing and challenging.

ENFJs have good compatibility with ENTJs as they are known for being extremely loyal and supportive partners.

Their different ways of thinking and perceiving the world can sometimes lead to conflict.

ENTJs tend to focus on the logical aspect, whereas ENFJs are more concerned about their values and morality of the issue, which can cause disputes and hamper their relationship.

ENFJ and ESTP Relationship

ENFJ-ESTP Compatibility: 41%

ESTPs are not the best personality type for ENFJs because they are very different in how they approach life and interact with others. However, they may complement each other very well.

ENFJs are very calm and compassionate beings who enjoy being around others and are very good at reading people and understanding their needs.

ESTPs, on the other hand, are dynamic and logical people who enjoy being part of the action and do not like to be tied down to anything for too long.

ENFJ and ISFP Relationship

ENFJ-ISFP Compatibility: 40%

The relationship between an ENFJ and an ISFP is full of warmth at first, but certain issues may arise over time, causing conflict between them.

ENFJs are incredibly loyal and supportive of their partners and shower them with praise and encouragement, which can make them feel loved and appreciated.

The ENFJ personality compatibility is bad with ISFPs because ISFPs might feel a bit over-watched at times. While ENFJ means well, they’re often quite needy and want to be the center of your attention all the time.

ENFJ and INTP Relationship

ENFJ-INTP Compatibility: 35%

INTPs are not an ENFJ ideal match, but these two types can work it out if they put in the effort and understand each other’s way of thinking.

ENFJs are natural leaders and often take the lead in their relationships. They are also very supportive and always there to help those they care about.

INTPs are more independent and value their alone time. Because of this, the ENFJ may feel like their needs aren’t being met in the relationship. 

The ENFJ is also very emotional and can sometimes be too intense for the INTP, who prefers to keep things low-key.

ENFJ and ISFJ Relationship

ENFJ-ISFJ Compatibility: 30%

The ENFJ and ISFJ relationship is a special one as these personality types are attracted to each other because they are both warm, caring, and protective of those they love.

The ENFJ is a people person who loves to socialize, make others happy, and is energized by being around others.

ISFJs have the extroverted feeling as one of their functions, but they prefer to be with one or two close friends rather than in a large group setting.

An ISFJ might not be the best ENFJ match, as their differences can cause communication issues if not handled properly.

Worst Match for ENFJ

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ENFJs are ESTJs, ISTJs, INTJs, and ISTPs. (1)

In any relationship, it’s important to have compatible personalities. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time together and you want to make sure that you can get along.

ENFJs find it hard to get along with people who might be too reserved or people who are completely objective and renounce emotions.

This list mostly consists of introverts and thinkers who are not ENFJ’s best match for a romantic relationship.

ENFJ and ESTJ Relationship

ENFJ-ESTJ Compatibility: 22%

Both ENFJs and ESTJs are outgoing and enjoy being around people, which can be a great thing in a relationship as it allows both partners to work together and help each other out. 

ENFJs have weak compatibility with ESTJs because they are not as organized or extroverted as the ENFJ would like them to be.

The ESTJ is usually very busy with work and other obligations, so the ENFJ may find themselves having to do more around the house than they would like. 

ENFJ and ISTJ Relationship

ENFJ-ISTJ Compatibility: 18%

One of the personality types that the ENFJs are least compatible with is ISTJ because they are too practical and logic-oriented for them.

ENFJs are known for their warmth and compassion, while ISTJs are known for their practicality and efficiency. 

The ENFJ is focused on helping others, while the ISTJ is focused on accomplishing tasks. These two personality types are both concerned about making things better for everyone around them – they just go about it in different ways.

ENFJ and INTJ Relationship

ENFJ-INTJ Compatibility: 16%

The ENFJ is a people-oriented person who loves to be around others and is always looking for ways to help and support others. 

The INTJ is a more independent thinker who prefers to spend time alone or with just a few close friends. They enjoy exploring new ideas and theories, but they don’t like to talk about themselves or their feelings too much.

Both these personality types are intelligent and driven, but their different approaches to life create tension which is why an INTJ is not the perfect partner for ENFJs.

ENFJ and ISTP Relationship

ENFJ-ISTP Compatibility: 9%

ENFJs are often drawn to ISTPs because of their independent streak. ISTPs, on the other hand, may be drawn to ENFJs because of their ability to see the best in people.

ENFJs have the worst compatibility with ISTPs because they are often reserved and introspective and ENFJs like to share everything with their partners.

These two types actually have some pretty big differences as well, which can pose a challenge in their relationship and make people with the ISTP personality ENFJs the worst match.


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