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ESTP Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a friend or a partner, and the two most important things for an ESTP in a relationship are that their partner is outgoing and spontaneous.

The ESTP compatibility is highest with another ESTP counterpart, and the best match for ESTP is ENTP in addition to another ESTP.

ESTP Compatibility Chart

Best MatchESTP95%
Good MatchESTJ78%
Bad MatchISFP43%
Worst MatchINFP24%

Best Match for ESTP

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ESTPs are ENTPs and other ESTPs. (1)

As mentioned above, the two most important things ESTPs look for in their partners are spontaneity and friendliness.

Both ESTPs and ENTPs have the best compatibility with ESTPs because they are extremely outgoing and spontaneous personalities who do not fear trying out new experiences and meeting new people.

Due to the fact that they both love experimenting around, do not cage ESTPs in, and bring out the best in them makes them the perfect partners for ESTPs.

ESTP and ESTP Relationship

ESTP-ESTP Compatibility: 95%

The best personality type for ESTPs is ESTP itself because they have a sharp sense of observation and focus, resourcefulness and ingenuity, as well as courage and spontaneity which can be matched only by another ESTP counterpart.

In relationships, ESTPs are fun-loving partners who enjoy living life to its fullest. They are outgoing, assertive individuals with extroverted personality and are always ready for whatever life throws at them.

An ESTP is most compatible with another ESTP because they make for exciting couples who are always up for new experiences and trying out new ventures.

ESTP and ENTP Relationship

ESTP-ENTP Compatibility: 92%

ESTPs are most compatible with ENTPs besides another ESTP and these two personality types are often drawn to each other’s energy and enthusiasm.

ESTPs love the fact that ENTPs are always full of ideas and projects, and they are always going somewhere, doing something exciting, or planning for the future. On the other hand, ENTPs appreciate that ESTPs are always going out and are never content with just sitting around.

ENTPs are potential ESTP soulmates as they learn a lot from ENTPs and they also appreciate the fact that ENTPs are not afraid to make mistakes because they do not let their fear get in the way.

Good Match for ESTP

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ESTPs are ESTJs, ENFPs, ESFPs, ENTJs, and ISTPs. (1)

As we know, ESTPs are social creatures who love interacting with their partners and going on fun adventures, so they tend to get along with people who are as extroverted as them, if not more.

Although these personalities may not be the best partner for ESTP on paper, they are still highly compatible with ESTPs and often build up fulfilling and long lasting relationships with them.

ESTP and ESTJ Relationship

ESTP-ESTJ Compatibility: 78%

The ESTP and ESTJ relationship is one that is built on a strong foundation of trust and respect. These two personality types are known for their practicality, focus on the here and now, and ability to get things done.

ESTJs are the best match for ESTP females as both these types are extroverted and social, so they have no problem in interacting and communicating what they feel to their partners.

This makes them a great team and ESTJs make it to the list of top ESTP matches as they are able to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

ESTP and ENFP Relationship

ESTP-ENFP Compatibility: 76%

ESTP and ENFP relationships can be incredibly rewarding and exciting as both types are outgoing and enjoy exploring new things together.

ESTPs are driven by their senses, desire new experiences and excitement, and value practicality, whereas ENFPs are imaginative, outgoing people who want to make a difference in the world around them.

These two types have good compatibility and complement each other beautifully when they come together in a relationship, but there can be some challenges. ESTPs may find ENFPs to be too idealistic, while ENFPs may find ESTPs to be insensitive.

ESTP and ESFP Relationship

ESTP-ESFP Compatibility: 75%

The ESTP and ESFP relationship is one of the most unique and interesting relationships out there as these two personalities have both similarities and some differences.

ESTPs are practical individuals who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and love anything that is physically stimulating, while ESFPs are known for being outgoing and fun-loving. Together, they make a great team and are always up for anything.

ESFPs are an ESTP love match because ESTPs love being physically close to people they care about, which is something that ESFPs appreciate a lot.

ESTP and ENTJ Relationship

ESTP-ENTJ Compatibility: 74%

Both these personality types are quick thinkers and are always looking for new challenges, which is why this can be a great relationship for both partners to learn and grow together.

ESTPs enjoy taking risks and trusting their own intelligence over anyone else’s opinions. On the other hand, ENTJs are organized managers who take an objective view of every situation they encounter and trust only facts and numbers when making decisions. 

The ENTJs make up for an ESTP ideal match and create a relationship with them that is based on mutual respect for each others’ abilities.

ESTP and ISTP Relationship

ESTP-ISTP Compatibility: 62%

ESTP is an active, outgoing person who enjoys being around others and may have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. 

The ISTP is curious thinker who loves exploring new ideas and is willing to get their hands dirty and prefers a disorderly, flexible environment that allows them to do things their own way, while the ESTP prefers a structured environment with guidelines.

While both these types may have their differences, ISTPs are the best match for ESTP males as they are able to see the value in each other and work together towards a strong and lasting relationship.

Bad Match for ESTP

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ESTPs are ISFPs, ENFJs, INTPs, and ESFJs. (1)

These personality types do not have the worst compatibility with the ESTPs and may succeed in making an initial connection with them but the probability of that bond lasting is pretty low.

ESTPs want their partners to be outgoing, practical and focused on the present and all of the personalities on this list are either reserved introverts or emotional extroverts who are not that practical.

ESTP and ISFP Relationship

ESTP-ISFP Compatibility: 43%

ESTPs and ISFPs are creative, spontaneous, and enjoy spending time with their partners but there are also some areas where they differ.

Both personalities have an adaptable attitude but the difference is ISFPs think empathically whereas ESTPs tend to think practically and communication can also be a problem in this relationship.

The relationship between these two personalities is unique in many ways and ISFPs may not be the best match for ESTP but these two can make things work if they are willing to put in the effort. 

ESTP and ENFJ Relationship

ESTP-ENFJ Compatibility: 41%

ESTPs are known for being spontaneous and impulsive, while ENFJs are more compassionate and nurturing, but the similarity between them is they are both extremely social and outgoing.

ESTPs enjoy being around people and making new friends wherever they go. On the other hand, ENFJs are extremely compassionate individuals who love helping others and can be a little over-extended at times.

While these two personality types can certainly complement each other, they can also butt heads from time to time over strong ideals of ENFJs or the insensitivity of ESTPs.

ESTP and INTP Relationship

ESTP-INTP Compatibility: 39%

INTPs have a lot in common with ESTPs as they are both thinker types who are interested in and have a keen grasp on practical concepts. 

However, INTPs are imaginative individuals who tend to think vividly, whereas ESTPs like to keep things uncomplicated and be focused on the present, which may cause conflict in their relationship.

Another reason why INTPs are not the perfect ESTP match is that they have different communication styles, which need to be altered if they want to make this relationship work.

ESTP and ESFJ Relationship

ESTP-ESFJ Compatibility: 37%

These two types have similar values and both value loyalty and relationships. They both take their commitments seriously and believe in doing whatever it takes to keep their friends and family happy.

ESTPs are impulsive and exciting individuals who enjoy taking risks, whereas ESFJs are more concerned with what is practical and will focus on making sure everyone is taken care of. 

ESFJs are not an ideal ESTP romantic match because ESTPs make decisions on the fly without really thinking things through, which may not be appreciated by their ESFJ partner.

Worst Match for ESTP

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ESTPs are INFPs, ISTJs, INTJs, ISFJs, and INFJs. (1)

ESTPs are known to be social, active, and spontaneous individuals who are always up for meeting new people and trying out new experiences, which may not align with most of these laidback introverts on the list.

The ESTP compatibility is lowest with these personalities because the ESTPs have Extraverted Sensing as their dominant function, because of which they have a strong desire to constantly engage socially, which may cause friction if they are in a relationship with any of these introverts.

ESTP and INFP Relationship

ESTP-INFP Compatibility: 24%

Both ESTPs and INFPs are highly independent, driven by a need for personal growth and they are both very passionate about their beliefs and values.

However, there are also some important differences between these two personality types that can help explain why they may have difficulty understanding each other at first.

INFPs are not the ESTP best match as ESTPs are sensual extroverts who like focusing on practicality over perfectionism, whereas the INFP is an idealistic introvert who focuses on the future and concentrates on ideas rather than actions. 

ESTP and ISTJ Relationship

ESTP-ISTJ Compatibility: 20%

This relationship is one that is filled with adventure and excitement but also has a strong foundation of stability and security.

The ESTP is a spontaneous and fast-paced person who prefers to live in the moment and enjoys taking on new challenges whenever they come up.

ISTJs are loyal partners who pay great emphasis on personal space and like sticking to their routines instead of being open to impromptu plans.

These two are not the best match for a romantic relationship because the ISTJs might be too reserved and the ESTPs are too impulsive for each other.

ESTP and INTJ Relationship

ESTP-INTJ Compatibility: 17%

ESTP have weak compatibility with INTJs because they are very different in how they see the world and approach life, but that does not mean they can’t find common ground and create a strong bond.

ESTPs are outgoing and spontaneous, while INTJs are more introspective and reserved. This can create tension at times, but it can also lead to a more balanced and supportive relationship. 

Each type can learn from the other and grow in ways that they wouldn’t have if they had been alone.

ESTP and ISFJ Relationship

ESTP-ISFJ Compatibility: 12%

ESTPs and ISFJs make for an interesting relationship because they differ a lot from each other but the similarity between them is that they work well with details and tend to focus on the present.

ISFJs are feelers so they are considerate of the feelings of other people while making a decision whereas ESTPs pay greater emphasis on the facts and logic.

ESTP personality compatibility is low with ISTJs because they like to be around people and engage socially but ISTJs do not like being around people that are too attention seeking and prefer having just a few close relationships.

ESTP and INFJ Relationship

ESTP-INFJ Compatibility: 5%

It is difficult for ESTPs and INFJs to find common ground because they are entirely opposing personalities. After all, ESTPs are known for being outgoing and spontaneous, while INFJs are introverted and thoughtful.

INFJs are probably ESTP worst match because ESTPs are spontaneous and love the thrill of the moment whereas INFJs are reserved and like to stick to a routine.

Another reason that ESTPs are least compatible with INFJs is that ESTPs like to spend time with their partners whereas INFJs do not like to compromise their personal space.


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