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ESTJ Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches)

People with the ESTJ personality are hardworking and analytical individuals with a strong sense of commitment.

The ESTJ compatibility is the best with people who are predictable and always devoted to whatever goals they set for themselves.

This is why the best match for ESTJ is an ENTJ in addition to another ESTJ.

ESTJ Compatibility Chart

Best MatchESTJ96%
Good MatchISTJ79%
Bad MatchISTP55%
Worse MatchENFJ22%

Best Match for ESTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ESTJs are ENTJs, and other ESTJs. (1)

ESTJs are analytical thinkers and natural leaders who are always focused on finding solutions to the problems around them and making sure everything is operating efficiently.

They can be quite critical if they think that their partner is not being productive which is why they find it hard to get along with the gentler personality types.

An ESTJ is most compatible with ENTJs and other ESTJs because they are equally committed, methodical and hardworking. Since they are able to respect their perspective, it makes them the best ESTJ matches.

ESTJ and ESTJ Relationship

ESTJ-ESTJ Compatibility: XX%

ESTJs are most compatible with other ESTJs because they share the same traits and also have a natural understanding of each other’s tendencies and behavior.

ESTJs are very loyal and reliable partners. They can always count on each other for support and encouragement when they are feeling down or stressed out which is why they have the best compatibility. 

Since ESTJs are often very traditional and not very comfortable with change, they get along with each other and do not have trouble justifying their monotonous routine to their partner.

ESTJ and ENTJ Relationship

ESTJ-ENTJ Compatibility: 87%

ENTJs are an ESTJ ideal match for the reason that they both have high energy, enjoy being around people and are focused on getting things done. 

ENTJs are visionary and imaginative individuals who are excellent at grasping concepts and formulating plans but they struggle to execute them.

On the other hand, ESTJs are comparatively more methodical and have a keen eye for detail so they are able to put those in execution.

ENTJs are the perfect partners for ESTJ for the reason that their qualities complement each other and they have no issues in communicating.

Good Match for ESTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ESTJs are ISTJs, ESTPs, ESFJs, and ENTPs. (1)

They might not be the ESTJ best match in theory but their traits fit in perfectly with the people of the ESTJ personality making the relationship a balanced one.

All these personality types are very similar to the ESTJs but have one or two contrasting traits.

They may not behave exactly like the ESTJs want them to but the difference in perspectives is enough to offer a fresh point of view without causing conflicts or hampering the relationship.

ESTJ and ISTJ Relationship

ESTJ-ISTJ Compatibility: 79%

The ESTJ personality compatibility is high with ISTJs as both types are highly dedicated, hardworking, and they share a common respect for tradition and order.

The only major difference between these personalities are that ISTJs tend to be introspective and reserved whereas ESTJs are extremely outgoing and have excellent leadership qualities.

Despite this difference, ISTJs are highly compatible with ESTJs for the reason that they are both realistic, act on the basis of pure logic and are not influenced by emotional or other irrational reasons.

ESTJ and ESTP Relationship

ESTJ-ESTP Compatibility: 78%

ESTJs are  practical, organized people who like structure and order. They are good at setting goals and working toward them consistently.

ESTPs are outgoing and fun-loving, with a strong sense of curiosity. They are always looking for new experiences and do not like being tied down or constrained by rules and regulations.

Both these personality types are outgoing, prefer to live in the moment and are analytical. The difference between them is ESTJs tend to be more methodical whereas ESTPs are impulsive.

This difference in traits offers both stability and flexibility in the relationship and makes ESTPs potential ESTJ soulmates.

ESTJ and ESFJ Relationship

ESTJ-ESFJ Compatibility: 77%

When it comes to relationships, ESTJs and ESFJs are very different personality types but these two types can actually complement each other quite well.

ESTJs tend to be very organized and goal-oriented, while ESFJs are more people-oriented and compassionate. 

ESFJs are the best match for ESTJ males because they can add some much-needed warmth while ESTJs can help to keep the relationship on track.

For all the similarities between ESTJs and ESFJs, there is a key difference that can impact their relationship. ESTJs are logical and analytical, while ESFJs are more sensitive and compassionate.

ESTJ and ENTP Relationship

ESTJ-ENTP Compatibility: 70%

ESTJs are often more of the traditional and organized ones, while ENTPs are the creative and spontaneous ones in this pairing.

These two can be the best match for a romantic relationship and create a strong bond if they can learn to understand and appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Both personality types are highly driven and enjoy being in control, which can sometimes lead to conflict. However, these differences can also be a source of strength, as they can help balance each other out.

Bad Match for ESTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ESTJs are ISTPs, ISFJs, ESFPs, INTJs, and ENFPs. (1)

These personality types do not have the worst compatibility with ESTJs but the contrast or difference in their traits makes the relationship challenging and the possibility of a lasting relationship low.

As we have learned earlier, ESTPs tend to get along with people who are committed to their goals, think analytically and are quick to act.

If their partner lacks in any of these areas, they would not be compatible enough with ESTJs to form a fulfilling relationship.

ESTJ and ISTP Relationship

ESTJ-ISTP Compatibility: 55%

These two personality types may have different approaches to life but can still manage to find common ground.

ESTJs are practical, realistic and logical individuals who are structured and like to have a plan for what they are going to do next.

ISTPs are more spontaneous and flexible in nature. They prefer to go with the flow and enjoy taking risks, especially when it comes to activities that interest them.

ISTPs are the best match for ESTJ females because they are direct, not afraid of speaking their mind and have the ability to focus on things that matter the most.

ESTJ and ISFJ Relationship

ESTJ-ISFJ Compatibility: 48%

ISFJs in a relationship with an ESTJ might find that they are very supportive and reliable but they can also be quite demanding and inflexible.

People with ISFJ personality are sensitive and it is important for them to remember that ESTJs are always trying to help others achieve their goals, but may not realize when they are going overboard.

ISFJs may not be the best partner for ESTJ on paper but their traits perfectly blend in and complement each other.

ESTJ and ESFP Relationship

ESTJ-ESFP Compatibility: 39%

ESFPs are not the best personality type for ESTJ because they are very different when it comes to adaptability and objectivity. ESTJs are logical, analytical, and focused on the task at hand. 

ESFPs on the other hand are creative, spontaneous, and more interested in people and experiences than in facts and figures.

Despite their differences, ESTJs and ESFPs can actually have a strong and lasting relationship. Both types are outgoing, enjoy spending time with others and are also very loyal.

ESTJ and INTJ Relationship

ESTJ-INTJ Compatibility: 33%

ESTJs are very practical, organized and down-to-earth. They like to live in the here and now and focus on concrete details. They are usually very efficient and they value tradition and order. 

INTJs, on the other hand, are introspective and thoughtful. They prefer to live in their own heads than with others, and they like to explore new ideas and possibilities. 

INTJs are potential ESTJ relationship matches for the reason that they are both objective or rational and pay great emphasis on routine and order. 

ESTJ and ENFP Relationship

ESTJ-ENFP Compatibility: 27%

ESTJ and ENFP are two different personality types that share some similarities as well. They both like to be around people, want to make others happy and these similarities can help them to get along better when they start a relationship together.

The ESTJ is an organized person who loves to set goals and achieve them. The ENFP is someone who likes to come up with new ideas, explore them and then develop them into something successful.

It is hard for these two very different personality types to find common ground. After all, ESTJs are known for their logical, analytical approach to life, while ENFPs are full of compassion and more likely to rely on their intuition.

Worst Match for ESTJ

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ESTJs are ENFJs, INTPs, ISFPs, INFJs, and INFPs. (1)

ESTJs are dutiful and productive individuals who leave no stone unturned to ensure that everything is operated efficiently.

This is why they have problems getting along with the gentler personality types and those who spend too much time introspecting instead of acting objectively.

ESTJs are least compatible with these personality types but there is still a possibility of building a relationship with them if they are willing to work on it.

ESTJ and ENFJ Relationship

ESTJ-ENFJ Compatibility: 22%

ESTJs are organized people who like everything to be neat and tidy. They value structure and order, which helps them get things done efficiently. 

They are focused on getting things right the first time around because mistakes are not tolerated well by this type. ESTJs tend to have strong values, a deep sense of honor and they work hard to keep their word.

ENFJs are imaginative, idealistic, and emotional individuals who have faith in their instincts more than any concrete data.

Despite their differences, these two types can actually have a strong relationship. But in order for that to happen, both partners must understand where the other is coming from.

ESTJ and INTP Relationship

ESTJ-INTP Compatibility: 22%

ESTJs are outgoing and fact oriented, while INTPs are more adaptable and intuitive. This can make for an interesting and stimulating relationship where both partners can learn from each other.

ESTJs are often drawn to INTP’s intelligence and original thinking, while the INTP is drawn towards ESTJ’s practicality and ability to create order out of chaos.

The ESTJ compatibility may not be the highest with INTPs but they manage to get along because both these personalities are logic oriented.

These two personality types are very different in how they see the world and approach life, but they can actually complement each other quite well.

ESTJ and ISFP Relationship

ESTJ-ISFP Compatibility: 22%

ESTJs can be a bit headstrong and opinionated. However, they are incredibly loyal and supportive partners. ESTJs make great leaders, and they are often the ones in charge of making sure that things run smoothly in the relationship.

ISFPs, on the other hand, are much more laid-back and easygoing. They are happy to let their partner take the lead, and they are content to sit back and enjoy life. 

However, the ESTJ personality type compatibility is poor with ISFPs. The primary reason for this weak compatibility is that ESTJs can be too controlling and harsh for them and since ISFPs do not take their freedom for granted, it can cause conflicts in the relationship.

ESTJ and INFJ Relationship

ESTJ-INFJ Compatibility: 14%

ESTJs are very organized, detail-oriented and they may also be quite traditional in their values and beliefs. However, you may also find that your ESTJ partner is very supportive and loyal.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship with an INFJ, you may find that they are more creative and expressive than ESTJs. They may also be more idealistic and compassionate. 

ESTJs are too social and logic oriented for the sensitive and intuitive INFJs. Their obsession with details may turn off the INFJs and cause conflicts in this relationship.

ESTJ and INFP Relationship

ESTJ-INFP Compatibility: 3%

Relationships can be difficult but this relationship can be more difficult than others. INFPs are the ESTJ worst match because they tend to operate in very different ways and often have a tough time relating to one another.

ESTJs are focused on doing everything they can to make things happen in the world around them. They believe in getting things done and making sure other people do not waste time with useless activities. INFPs, on the other hand, are dreamers who look for the positives in every situation.

This can create some serious tension between these two types, especially since they often try to come together in a relationship.


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